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Individual and Social Care Assignment

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It also keeps any dietary requirements that they may need very helpful because you can track what they need if they are unable to do their self. 3. Explain how to ensure everyone involved in an activity or event such as a review understands how to apply the principles of active participation. Always check their care plans first and understand how you should be caring for hem also if able to ask the client what they would like you to do. Also note down of any changes .

Never just go and take over of things for them make sure you ask first if they need any help or would like you to do. . Give two ways that a risk assessment can support the right of an individual using the service to take risks and make choices. 5. Explain how the responsibilities of all concerned with the care of an individual can be supported by a risk assessment. 2 6. Describe two different uses of risk assessment in adult social care settings.

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Individual and Social Care Assignment
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7. Give three reasons why risk assessments designed to support choice and active participation need to be reviewed and updated regularly. TASK 2 Your work is running a campaign to improve staff understanding of all aspects of person centered care.

You have been asked to create the following materials: A poster which describes a range of person centered approaches to care A handout which explains why person centered values are important and how they influence social care work A poster that explains the factors which can contribute to the wellbeing of individuals A handout that explains the link between identity, self image and self esteem A guide for social care workers which: a) describes ways they can ensure the environment promotes well being; b) explains why it is important to support individuals in a way that promotes their identity, self image and self esteem. TASK 3 1. Write a reflective account detailing an example of how you have, or could have, used a person centered approach in a sensitive or complex situation. The account must contain a description of how person centered values were or could be put into practice in the situation. Suggested word count: 350 – 500 words 2. Explain how finding out about an individual’s history, preferences, ashes and needs is an important part of creating a good care or support plan. 4 3. Explain why it is important to review care or support plans with an individual, and to monitor their changing needs or preferences.

It is important to review these because their are always a lot of changes this could be down to a number of things i e health physical mental you should always involve the individual so they can have their say as well so they know what will be hipping to them if they are able to. Also this gives them the choice to decide or say what they like in preference. This also gives them the encouragement to talk to others about different things. 4. Explain how useful care or support plans are in supporting person centered values in practice. TASK 4 Read the following case studies. You may either carry out a role play or write an account covering the points below. Case Study 1 You are a senior social care worker and have been asked to mentor a colleague who is finding it difficult to understand the importance of obtaining consent from individuals receiving a service. In the role play or written account, you must: Describe the different factors that might affect an individual’s ability to express their view. Explain different ways of gaining consent to activities or actions. Explain what to do if the social care worker cannot gain consent or is unsure of the response. Case Study 2 You are later asked to speak to another social care worker who has had difficulties helping an individual using the service to make choices and to challenge decisions they don’t agree with. There is a suspicion that the social care worker has also been trying to impose their own views on the individual. In the role play or written account, you must: Describe a range of approaches to help individuals make informed choices. Describe different ways to help an individual challenge decisions made by others (such as medical practitioners, social care workers and family members. ) Explain the possible consequences if the personal views of others (such as medical practitioners, social care workers and family members) are allowed to influence the choices an individual makes. 6 can confirm that the evidence listed for this unit is my own work and was carried out under the conditions and context specified in the assessment specification, through discussion with my VIAL and recorded on DVD.

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