Individual Assignment - Part 3

The IT department will begin a plan to develop a software to track employee benefits and reports on vacation/personal time available - Individual Assignment introduction. This project will now be referred to from now on and on future documentation as “Employee Benefits Software Design and Implementation.” This project will consist of multiple phases including a planning stage, a design stage, a testing phase, an implementation phase, and a clean-up phase. The Employee Benefits Software Design and Implementation project will allow employers and employees to track all benefits, as well as make changes when open enrollment is available for healthcare, 401k, dental, health savings bank accounts, and vision benefits. They will be able to track all benefits from how much vacation and sick pay is available, paycheck stubs, change withholdings for 401k and HSBA. The stakeholders in this project will include: Project Manager

Project Team Members
Executive Staff
Human Resources Team
Project Testers
The overall objective is to create a new system to track employee benefits and report details to employers and employees about these benefits. The outcome is to have a centralized location for all benefits. Success will be evaluated by the completeness of the system and the accuracy of the reporting tool. Each phase will be evaluated at the end of the phases. In the design phase, the design will be broken into each branch of the benefits system. This will include health, 401k, vacation/sick time, and payroll. The project will be initiated in which details for the project will be discussed, as well as interviews with key stakeholders will be had. Following this planning will be begun to set project dates and goals. The next step will be execution of the project, and then the project will be observed and issues will be worked out. Closeout will finalize the project and have exit interviews with the project team, as well as other stakeholders.

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