Individual assignment Essay - Part 4

The critical Paths for this diagram are

A à B à C à E à G à I à J
A à B à C à F à H à I à J
The term slack means that there is an activity which is not part of the critical path - Individual assignment Essay introduction. Further it means that there would be unsubscribed during that activity. For example, there are 5 activities that need to be done as part of a complete process, 4 of them a re critical such that they can not be done earlier or later. The remaining activity will have some time in between its earliest and latest finishes which would imply that this activity can be molded as per need without affecting the actual flow of the process.

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Crashing is engaging more resources in critical processes to speed up projects. Fast tracking is doing activities in a partially parallel manner. In case of fast tracking, independent activities can be done at the same time however there is a high degree of risk involved in this case. Crashing an activity means pushing more resources in to the activity inefficiently to pace the project delivery. For example, activity A B and C lie on the critical path and require 2, 5 and 6 hours respectively. So we can crash these activities by reducing their completion times such as reduce activity B by 1 hour or so. Where as in the same case we may see that activity B and D are sequenced inline but we see that activity D (wiring) can be done in parallel with Activity B (placing switches) however it would be better if we first place switches and then wire them accordingly such that minimum waste is done.

Finish to start

            This methodology means that the succeeding activity is entirely dependent on its predecessor. Like until the interior of a car is not finished, the dashboard can not be placed and furnished as it is totally dependant on the interior design.

Finish to finish

            This means that certain task cannot finish until another task does not end. Complete car paint inspection can not end until the entire body is furnished for the car.

Start to Finish

            This is the oldest trick in the book. It ensures that the successor activity does not start until the current ends. The wheel balancing activity can not be started until the complete suspension task ahs been done and evaluated.

Start to Start

            The activity can not start until a parallel activity starts. For instance training can not start without coaching and after only coaching; training may not be that fruitful.

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