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Individual assignment mario velazquez

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In my personal opinion organized crime is an activity involving a group of people in secure businesses that get involve on the gaining of income and influence of engaging in criminal activities. Drug trafficking it is one of the biggest organized crime in the El Paso TX area do to the fact that the El Paso is one of the biggest international cross from Mexico. Mexico is one of the countries that make most of their money with drug trafficking and a lot of drugs cross over from Mexico through El Paso international bridges.

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Individual assignment mario velazquez
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For example 5 months ago federal agents just had a raid n the central area of the city arresting 38 people involved in drug trafficking working with the Aztec organization. Another example, bribe is a main characteristic in organized crime since this group need to get public official, politicians and other different authority personal in order for them to be protected or at least cover up in order for them not to get catch by law enforcement agencies but sooner or later everything collapse and they still get cut.

For example in El Paso County at Scorer city they cut a famous family hat were majors of the city (Gander family) that were involved the trafficking of drugs by helping the Mexican cartels by housing drugs in there ranch in the border of El Paso and Curare Mexico. I have been taking other criminal justice classes an organized crime has been one of the topic often use for different cases that we have study for class purposes. I believe the FBI definition and my personal perspective are somehow similar since I have already review the topic in it is one of my favorites topic since this kind or situation are seem commonly n my community.

All this types of organize group are very common and usual in the Curare area in Mexico so we as citizen of II Paso Texas we learn and see a lot of different cases related to this topic as well as meet people who are involved in this types of crimes but house themselves in El Paso for protection. The Italian and Sicilian Mafioso of television and the silver screen are examples of organized crime and many people picture this when they are thinking about organized crime. In the recent years everything has change and organized crime has come a broader threat and more complex than in the past.

There are many characteristic for this type of organizations and many different organizations for example: Today, organized crime includes: Russian mobsters who fled to the U. S. In the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse; Groups from African countries like Nigeria that engage in drug trafficking and financial scams; Chinese tongs, Japanese Breakdown, and other Asian crime rings; and Enterprises based in Eastern European nations like Hungary and Romania. Mexican drug Cartels All of these groups have a presence in the U. S. R are targeting our citizens from afar?using the Internet and other technologies of our global age. More and more, they are literally becoming partners in crime, realizing they have more to gain from cooperating than competing (“The FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation”, 2015). In Conclusion, Organized crime is a big issue in many different countries but in the United States this the way we are combating organized crime The FBI Organized Crime Section Headquarters is compose of 3 unites focusing on different organizations.

One unit is dedicated to investigate La Coos Nostrils, racketeering and Italian organized crime. The second unit is dedicated to investigate Eurasian/Middle Eastern organized crime. The third unit is dedicated to investigate Asian and African criminal enterprises. The FBI headquarters works with all other organization involved in organized crime investigations by coordinating and supporting the investigations. There are 56 field offices that are always working on investigations criminal enterprises with thin there assigned areas and relies for help and support from headquarters.

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