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Individual Assignment Week

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Connotations Russo There were three main topics that were addressed while completing the individual Dreamier lessons for week one. These topics helped introduce the individual to Dreamier and also give them insight to the basics of how to navigate and use Dreamier. In Lesson 1, the user is introduced to what Dreamier is, how to navigate it, and how to use its most basic operating features. Lesson 2 was more about how to begin creating a site and what it took o set one up.

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And in Lesson 3, the user was introduced to typography and images within the site. All these aspects helped to get a great beginning step on how to use Dreamier to create. Lesson 1 was a great introduction into what Dreamier is, how it is designed and its layout, who uses it, and how it is used to create sites. Here the various features of the application and their functions were described in great detail. Lesson 1 was about getting to know Dreamier from its opening page to all the features that are included within the application.

Lesson 2 became a little more “involved”.

What this means is that it went more in depth about using Dreamier. Some of the features that were explained were creating a site, adding pages, and defining page properties. When we arrive in Lesson 3, it is introducing even more detail into Dreamier C. Here we learn about adding text, creating hyperlinks, inserting images, formatting images, and much more. By the end of Lesson 3 it is possible that you can create a very basic site at this time. At the end of Lessons 1 through 3, any individual should feel comfortable enough to create the basic steps of creating a site.

At the minimum an individual should at least know how to open Dreamier C and create the beginning of a site. Some of the easier steps learned through these lessons were inserting text and images. Some aspects of Dreamier that an individual may find difficult may include creating a gallery page and working with image and text properties.

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