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Individual Assignment Wk Essay

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They design and market computer software and consumer electronics in the world markets. The company has gone through varied changes in the external environment and internal as well. The external environment of the company has an impact on the various decisions that the firm makes and the management assess its environment and identifies the various domains that affect operations of the company. External Environment and Internal Environment Globalization has played a very specific and important role in recent times for businesses across the world.

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Global market for Apple is a priority and of high importance because there is a huge competition and Apple’s management understand that key personnel need to be deployed to keep the edge and competitive advantage of their firm running. Many U. S. Companies have lost out on tapping into the key global competition and suffered losses; Apple is carefully straightening in order to avoid that. The key challenge would be to capitalize on their digital technology which Apple is strategically placing its bets on, which would help it to expand the company revenues.

The operational success of Apple in niche markets such as Japan, India, China, and Europe gives a good idea of their visibility and profitability in those markets. The world markets are aware of Apple’s technological advances as well as their achievement of being the largest publicly traded company by market capitalization, revenue and profit, as of September 2011. Apple will receive positive responses with the right kind of marketing team that can advertise their prowess further into the global market. High level of competencies by employing highly skilled marketers and professionals will lead to competitive advantage for Apple. Apple has a reputation of highly innovative, well designed, and well-functioning products and mound business performance. Apple brand is valued at $76. 5 billion and was the second most valuable brand in the world in 2012. ” The computer industry is affected by economic forces in determining the overall global economic circumstances that include global sales and demand. These factors play an important role in the daily dealings of the PC industry and the challenges from its rivals such as IBM and Microsoft who try to beat Apple in technological innovation, product performance, and quality of products are major factors that Apple faces.

Apple needs to continue with producing enhanced products and/or updating its current ones. This will intrigue the consumers who will continue to want and demand more. At the same time the company must be aware that its competitors will try to substitute with their own product line just like AMP players for pods. Blackberry and Samsung duplicating phone. Therefore, they need to stay ahead by continually improving their products. The second factor to be considered is the regulations and restrictions from governments which can be categorized as political and legal forces of the external environment.

The legal factors affect selling and production of personal computers and restrict sales and revenue. Demographic and social forces create a deviance from focusing on business. Apple aims to satisfy its consumers from all walks of life whether they are students, educators or professionals, the firm aims to satisfy their needs around the globe through its innovations in hardware, software and internet offerings. The strong management team should closely watch out for the demands of consumers and do its best to satisfy them. Internal factors are also important in he success of the company.

Steve Jobs strategy of putting Apple ahead in the line of products should continue and create value and competition that will sustain for the company to attain high profit minimization levels and great rapport between the company and its consumers. The SOOT analysis will help to analyze the progress of the company in the market and discover weaknesses and areas of improvement. By doing so, apple can fulfill the needs of its clients irrespective of various changes in e-commerce. Weaknesses that comes to mind regarding Apple is its product recalls.

The defective products of the company are returned back in the market which leads to high costs and legal liabilities as well. It is important to avoid these situations that will affect operations. Proper planning and forecasting will avoid these situations. Apple is committed to bringing out the best experience for the consumer and is one of the most successful companies of our times to have bucked the traditional notions of what a corporate culture should look like in terms of organizational hierarchy – flat versus tall, casual versus formal.

Good management, rewards, performance, team spirit, positive social contribution, flat organizational chart, and wide span of control are the internal factors that will pioneer Apple even further to success. Conclusion Apple Inc. Stands ahead of any other company in the world market today due to its products and widespread stores. The company works towards building an excellent relationship with its consumers by meeting their needs and demands continually. This leads to a pivotal position that it has established in the business market.

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