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Individual Presentation Analysis

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Individual Presentation Analysis Monique Dean ENG/135 April 21, 2013 Kim Holloway Individual Presentation Analysis Conducting face-to-face presentations are different from conducting online presentations. When in front of a group of people or face-to-face, there should be a plan to involve the audience in the discussion. For example, taking a short break to have a questions segment about something that was discussed would be ideal. While in an online setting, voice tone, facial expressions, and hand gestures are key to keeping the audience tuned in.

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Individual Presentation Analysis
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Maybe throw in a joke or two for good measure. In the first video the presenter includes or engages the audience as soon as he comes onto the stage by asking them a question that they have to respond to. This gives the audience some inclusion from the start of the presentation. The presenter also knows his audience because he asked them the question of why they are there. If the audience was there to hear about something different, his question at the start of the meeting would let them know that they are not going to get their questions answered during this presentation.

If this were an online presentation obviously the question asked at the beginning would not be answered. I think just a quick introduction and going right into why they are there would be sufficient for an online presentation. In the second video, Tony Robbins looks around the audience highlighting different people, engaging the audience asking a question initiating an answer like in the first video. Robbins went as far as to have the audience make conversation and interaction with their neighbor to keep the flow fresh and new.

If this was geared to online audiences I think making references to asking the audience to ask themselves the questions he asked and received answers from in his live audience would be something that he may do. Tony Robbins knows his audience because of what his message is. His audience has an idea of what he will be presenting because his message is similar to each message he presents. When presenters get on stage, he or she has to engage the audience to keep them interested in what is being said. The two presenters demonstrated their knowledge of their audience in similar ways.

Asking questions and keeping the mode light were a few ways the presenters kept the audiences engaged and focused. References http://search. mywebsearch. com/mywebsearch/video. jhtml? searchfor=face+to+face+presentation+video&cb=AFA&p2=^AFA^xdm163^S04373^us&qid=8af76c58c753460b94879d9feddaa733&n=77fc4038&ptb=00B37A6A-9D73-4EB2-870A-5080DCAED6F4&ct=PN&si=250652&pg=video&pn=3&ss=sub&st=hp&tpr=hpsb http://search. mywebsearch. com/mywebsearch/video. jhtml? searchfor=face+to+face+presentation+tony+robins+video&p2=^AFA^xdm163^S04373^us&n=77fc4038&ss=sub&st=hp&ptb=00B37A6A-9D73-4EB2-870A-5080DCAED6F4&tpr=sbt&si=250652&ts=1366554860712

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