Industrial Revolution Essay - Part 4

1 - Industrial Revolution Essay introduction. The English Parliament was controlled by two main parties called the Tories and the Whigs. 2. Two groups that were not allowed to vote were women and ordinary working people. 3. Two main political parties were the Tories, composed of rich landowners and the Whigs who represented the middle class. 4. B) Laissez-faire meant that business and industry would be as free as possible from Government regulation. d) It was suppose to benefit everyone because it would create a wealthy and productive economy, the wealth created by the business would benefit everyone in society. )It could harm workers because it meant business owners wanted to keep wages as low as possible.

5. The texture industry was important to Britain because it helped them become a rich and powerful country. 6. Wool was an important British product because Britain’s climate and geography suited the raising of sheep and wool could be harvested cheaply and turned in to cloth in nearby communities. 7. Britain obtained cotton from their colonies of southern United States and newly conquered India. 8.

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The main goal of most inventors involved in the textile industry was to go from “rags to riches” and improve profits of the textile industry. 9. The “flying shuttle” improved production because it made weaving faster and allowed one person to operate a large loom. 10. A “spinning jenny” was a major advance because it allowed a spinner to spin off a number of threads at the same time. 11. The textile industry became a factory industry because machines now did all the work and was not dependent upon power. 12.

Many of the early industries were located by water because they got their power from the running water. 13. James Watt’s invention was used to pump water out of mines and to power factories. 14. Three dangers related to coal mining were: coal produces methayne gas which is very explosive, coal dust is highly toxic, and miners died young due to breathing in coal dust. 15. There would not have been an industrial revolution without coal because iton wouldn’t have been made; steam engine uses coal to create power for the textile factories, and pots and pans wouldn’t have been made.

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