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Industrial revolution in Europe

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The impact that The Industrial Revolution had on Europe and England was big, it practically changed the economy for years. There were many individuals that had a big impact and there are many acts, rights, and processes devised to produced the most making for the higher classes. Most of the individuals that are involved had invented something that would change a certain company. This whole industrial revolution started small. In fact, it started out with tiny little village entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs were tiny company’s that would make hand made stuff and sell this profit that is produced.

This soon led to more money, which led to more employees, which also led to more entrepreneurs, and it spread ideas. This got people really thinking. One man named Robert Owen a young utopian socialist of Britain who became the manager of his own cotton mill at the age of nineteen. He then developed community farming and had the town of New Lanmark, Scotland living and working for him.

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Industrial revolution in Europe
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He provided proper housing, basic education, and an inexpensive company store for the workers. In fact, he made a very good deal with his employees, that benefited them and he still made a good profit from it. He forbid young children to work in his mills, and he decreased hours and increased wages. One of this man’s supporter’s is Charles Fourier He favored ideal communities and that all work should be shared and that the higher class would benefit of the joint labor according to the needs of the lower class. This man boosted the economy tremendously, because he spread his idea of community farming and farmers and entrepreneurs were beginning to use it more often and they were making good profit. However, some entrepreneurship leaders got to greedy and wanted more money so they made deals that basically only benefited them and they built self-centered industries. These deals included lowering the age of working ability, which led to less education, which led to lower wages. The working conditions were horrible and if you lost an arm or any sort of limb they were fired and another child was hired in replace of them. Men like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles joined together in 1848 to produce the Communist Manifesto. This was a pamphlet that was intended for the workers. This included resolutions for the problems that the lower class was having with the industrial revolution. Karl Marx rejected utopian ideas and he also considered himself to be a “scientific socialist”. His facts in this pamphlet were were based on history and it led to their fulfillment. The industrial revolution changed the world of economics forever and it also changed Europe forever too. As you can see that it was not an empire like the Romans but it was a competition of empires dominating one area to see who can become the most successful economic wise.

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