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Industrial revolution photo assignment

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They were waterways, roads, and railroads. Robert Fulton created the first engine powered steam boat run by coal which helped transport raw materials over the Atlantic. Turnpikes made it easier for people go by roads instead of walking. The railroad as used to carry large freights with goods and materials around the location. These improvements on waterways, roads, and railroads all made traveling safer, and it allowed goods to be moved more efficiently. Arbitration The industrial change the way cities were built by putting factories in them.

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Industrial revolution photo assignment
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Most of the middle class were factory workers that were educated in textiles and learned how to use the machinery. It also brought city population density higher since so many people worked in factories. Some cities economy ran off the factories and was built around factories. The industrial revolution plays a big role in the way cities were built. Living Conditions Industrial revolution changed the type of homes people live in by switch from the farms to factories since not so many people were needed in the farms.

The places people stayed were mostly really crowded places with many families sharing a house or apartments.

That’s how the industrial revolution affects the type of homes and living conditions. The industrial Process The Industrial Revolution impacted manufacturing and production by making goods faster and cheaper. Before the Industrial Revolution people worked at home on farms or in small workshops. Making cloth was done entirely by hand. Cotton was spun to thread or yarn on a spinning wheel. In the 17005 people began buying more and more goods, so textile traders began to look for faster ND cheaper ways of producing clothes.

The first spinning machine came up in the early 1 8th century and by 1780 spinning was done mostly in new factories where workers gathered. Working conditions Working conditions during the industrial revolution changed. Child labor became very popular yet very dangerous. Women started to work n textile factories. Men started to work in steel mills and it was all a big change from the farms where most people worked. This is how the working conditions changed during the industrial revolution.

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