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Industrial Water Pollution Essay

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When the quality or composition of water changes directly or indirectly as a result of men’s activities such that it becomes unfit for any purpose it is said to be polluted. When a source of pollution can be readily identified because it has a definite source and place where it enters the water is said to come from a point source for example: Municipal and industrial discharge pipes. Organic demanding wastes: organic wastes which can be decomposed by oxygen consuming bacteria.

Large populations of bacteria supported by these wastes can deplete the water of dissolved oxygen gas.

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Industrial Water Pollution
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Without enough oxygen, fish and other oxygen consuming forms of aquatic life die. Sources for Industrial Water Pollution Control Water soluble inorganic chemicals such as acids, salts and compounds of toxic metals such as lead and mercury. Inorganic plant nutrients such as water soluble nitrate and phosphate compounds that can cause excessive growth of algae and other aquatic plants, which can die and decay, depleting water of dissolved oxygen and killing fish.

Organic chemicals like oil, gasoline, plastics, pesticides, cleaning solvents, detergents cause water pollution.

Control Measures of Industrial Water Pollution The best approach is to practice waste reduction in different sectors of human activity and to prevent pollution at the source itself. The industries which have tried to reduce waste by recycling materials or redesigning production processes and products have found that such measures actually save money. Industrial and community sanitation along with control and treatment of human waste and industrial waste are necessary to reduce water pollution.

More than 95% of urban sewage is released into the near water way or field due to inadequate or lack of treatment plants in developing countries. More sewage water treatment plants should be installed in cities and industrial belts’ the treated water can be reused. The national Environmental Engineering Research institutes should developed innovative methods to treat sewage and industrial effluents using filtration technique, chemical-based clariflocculators, lagoon system for aerobic cleansing etc.

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