industrialization Case Study: Manchester ch9 sec2

poor city dwellers
because no plans, sanitary codes, or building regulations controlled the rampant growth of english cities, the poor lacked adequate housing and many were forced to live in dark, filthy, overcrowded slums under unhealthy and unsafe conditions
factory workers
because factory owners wanted to keep their machines running for as many hours a day as possible, workers were forced to work long hours for starvation wages, often under dangerous and unhealthy conditions; later, working conditions and the standard of living improved
wealthy merchants, factory owners, and skilled workers
gained wealth and status and joined growing middle class of skilled workers, professionals, business people, and well-to-do farmers
as young as 6, began to work in factories for long hours under brutal conditions; child labor laws later brought some reforms
lower middle class of factory overseers and skilled workers
enjoyed a comfortable standard of living

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large landowners and aristocrats
lost some status, respect, and power but continued to look down on those who gained wealth in business
long term consequences on the environment
polluted and natural resources were depleted
long term consequences of education
opportunities expanded in response to a need for skilled and professional workers
how urbanization and middle class relate to industrialization
industrialization led to urbanization and the expansion of a middle class made up of skilled workers, professionals, business people, and wealthy farmers
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