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Industrialization in Europe

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Industrialization in Europe

During the midcentury, industrialization continued and improved among the European nations. They got more modern, and unifications started to take place. Countries that had similar ethnicity use to have many states of their own and finally united as one. But during this time, and Age of Imperialism rose and European nations would attempt a conquest of the world. This on the other hand does not help Europe; it only makes it a war zone. Europe also had a lot of challenges during the times of Modernity.

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Industrialization in Europe
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They had to deal with more issues especially in the cities.
Once again, nations in Europe increase their industrialization and making their military stronger. After Napoleon’s defeat, the First French Empire collapsed and in the midcentury, raised The Second French Empire under Napoleon III. The unifications were established in Italy and Germany. Italy’s proclamation was in March 1861 of the Kingdom of Italy essentially a much-enlarged piedmont-sardina, but Florence as its capital and Vittorio Emanuele as its monarch (Winks & Neuberger, Making of Modernity, pg 195).

Germany had its unification in 1871 but the French and Austrians opposed it and before 1871, war broke out with Germans victorious. Slowly each German state’s unified as a whole such as Prussia, North German Confederation, Bavaria and others. I feel that this is great for the Germans. If only they didn’t get involved into wars and Imperialism, their nation would have been better to this day.
The Russian Empire faced an alliance of the French Empire, British Empire, and the Ottoman Empire in a ‘Crimean War’. The Russian military was over confident and lacked industrialization and resulted in an allied victory. And what was this war for? More competitions just like World War One. The treaty of Paris was established and Russia had to recover and continue its improvement.
In the late nineteenth century, European nation-states decided to attempt having domination of.

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