Infant Learning & Memory - Logic Essay Example

animism contiguous events causally related

Prarse -ope rational Stage 2-7 ye


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transductive reasoning egocentrism

reversibility increased kicking

highly similar mobile

centration properties of conservation doesnt develop simultaneously. horiz ontal decalage Seriation

failure to conserve

ope rant re inforce me nt ribbon attache d to baby mobile

Generalization gradient
[no te xt]

Rovee-Collier testConditioned response memory organiz e objects along quantifiable dimension eg length. drawing inferences. stick A > stick B and B > C therefore A > C

Concre te Ope rational Stage 7 – 11 ye ars
attained conservation

Transivity jokes with word double meanings Linguistic humour abstractions still very difficult think in concrete terms

Primary circular reactionsimple motor habits abstract ideas and hypotheticals secondary circular reactions repeat interesting soundings

eg. sucking thumb

hitting doll for motion

Hypothetical-Deductive testing variables in isolation & combination Piaget’s pendulum problem systematic problem solving

Formal Ope rational 11+ ye ars


Se nsorimotor Stage

intentional goal directed behaviour Coordination secondary circular reactions

imitating behaviour

propositional thought explore object with novel actions Tertiary Circ. reactions fixation decrease with same form & colour logic evaluation without referencing real world examples feather breaks window internal depictions of objects/events Mental representations make believe play

using stick to retrieve object

stimuli re pe ate d to bore dom Habituation

Main Findings
novelty preference

Habituation immediate test phase

phase visual re cognition = 3 months




be havioural / se nsorimotor

familiarity preference

delayed test phase

automatic basic behaviour

Familiariz ation phase

ide ntical stimuli

visual field

Paired Comparison
remembers original. fixated on novel item


12 – 18 months symbols used to represent experience pretend play

pair with nove l stimuli
manipulate objects not present

ope rational atte ntion to nove l stumuli

fixation incre ase s

Active proce ss organiz ation

mental activities of objects of thought

new colour new form greatest new colour & form add to existing schema

4 stage s of cognitive de ve lopme nt stage s se t se que nce age s for stage s appx e nvironme nt influe nce s accommodation


interpreting new info using existing schema

modifying existing schema

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