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Informal proposals

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Phoenix Advertising

Roanoke Branch

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Informal proposals
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9167 Industry Road

Roanoke, VA 24001

June 9, 2008

Gregory S. Forest


Phoenix Advertising

9167 Service Lane

Charlotte, NC 28202

Dear Mr. Forest,

Until 2006, Roanoke branch has played a pivotal role in building strong brand image of the company through collaboration of the highly enthusiastic team under strong leadership of the heads in delivering unique ideas. Unfortunately, as the executives must have known through the biannual reports July 15 2008, Roanoke’s productivity has dropped resulting in 20% increase of client complaints as compared to 10% last year.

The staff has decreased by 15% which includes the heads of the creative and accounts department who have left for the rival agency. The work load has increased such that all kinds of clients are being accepted without the consulting the company’s standards.

[1]In response to this dire situation, I present you and the team the following proposal for returning the Roanoke branch to its stellar position.


In November 2007, Roanoke branch had the creative department giving excellent creative themes and seamless advertising projects under the direction of the head of the department Mr.

Rosa with only 10% of client complains. In March 2008, the head had left for the rival agency which resulted in miscommunication of the departmental heads and the creative team. Three graphic designers and the four copyrighters are warning to quit. They are of the view that their input is not executed the way it should have been. The upper management of the account department passes their work to the clients without their consultation, and they feel demoralized of the unfair exercise of authority.  In my investigation through questionnaires of the creative department and their behavior during working hours I was able to find out that the employees were not dedicated to their work.

The creative team has been exhausted with intense work load resulting in extra working hours without any salary compensation. This adds to the frustration of the employees and thus decreased productivity. There is no consultation of the budget of the company prior the acceptance of the new clients adding to the workload of the already down team. As per the standards set by the company there should be not more than 6 campaigns to be handled per month and the budget associated with should also be aligned with the resources available. There have been around ten campaigns being worked upon in the last two months resulting in exhaustion of new ideas by the creative team.

Consequently, I am not surprised that the Roanoke now trails the other branches. Nonetheless, I am convinced that the Roanoke branch can return to its former exemplary position by achieving the following objectives:

A work plan should be made of the next six months which should include that the acceptance of the new work should be put to a halt for at least one month and concentrate on finishing the pending work and the current clients being contracted this season.
Restructure and pool resources in an integrated form in terms of experience level of the team and a work plan to be implemented in the next six months.
Integrated database system for the branch from which the employees can retrieve the data from a single source.
Hire new employees for the technical support and training of the employees.
Recreational activities of the staff.

To return Phoenix Roanoke branch to its efficiency and quality level as well as to enhance the uniqueness of the ideas, I propose the following plan.

Work Plan: A work plan should be made for the next six months that would include the input of all the members of the three departments namely creative, accounts and sales and clients. The work plan should be based upon the number of contracts pertaining to the next two months including the current and pending campaigns. Then the next four months strategy should be kept into consideration. New contracts should not be signed for at least a month and the current and pending work should be completed first. Since ad campaign designing require unconventional atmosphere especially for the creative department to bring out unique and fresh ideas, the team should also be fresh and full of zeal to give their hundred percent out put.

Reorganizing team: There is a dire need of hiring highly qualified people who will bring add to the office innovative ideas. No doubt Mr. Brown is doing his best as the new acting head of the creative department but he had been able to deliver his best as a team manager and supervisor of flow of control between the three different departments.  The head is actually a link in understanding the creativity of the team members, their due credit and then working with the other departments making a unified approach of delivering the assigned contracts. Also, the creative team should have discussion sessions with the other departments in terms of work coordination and running the ad campaigns.

Integrated Database System: There should be one source of data from which all the departments can retrieve the data and accordingly plan their work. This will help reduce the conflicts between the three departments on terms of the work load and the budget. For this an integrated database system, ERP should be installed.

Training and Recruiting: The branch should hire new technicians to work, maintain and train employees of the new systems installed. The training should be a two way approach in which Mr. Andrew head of the accounts department, Mr. Adam of the sales client department and Mr. Brown should have work shops or discussion sessions together along with their team members. This would help to resolve conflicts between them and build stronger understanding and relationship. Training sessions of the employees in terms of the new technology should be planned out so that every one can get accustomed to it.

Recreational Activities: Once a month there should be get together or a office party so that the employees get to know each other on a personal level. Also, there should be some traveling facilities for the creative team to different seminars pertaining to the advertising business in the national and international level. This will help them to bring in new concepts and ideas for the company.

Training Schedule:

Work plan development                    September 4 to September 6

            New technology

                        Installment                             September 8 to September 12

                        Maintenance                          September 13 onwards

                        Recruiting technicians            September 9 to September 12

            Creative head recruitment                 September 2 to August September 5

            Reorganization of teams                    September 13 to August September 15

            Management Training

                        Supervisory procedures          September 18

                        Team leading                          September 19 and September 20

                        New system training              September 22 to September 27

                        Follow-up                               October1

            Employee training

                        Team building                        September 21

                        New system training              September 22 to September 22

                        Follow-up                               October 1


The staffing procedure though will be a little lengthy yet will prove to be highly productive. The current ten member team of the creative department should continue their original positions and Mr. Brown should continue as a manager and not the acting creative heads department. The new manager should be removed. The new head would be able handle the work load fairly better. There should be five new technicians hired to handle the new systems and train the employees. As a HR vice president I shall look into this matter of hiring and coordination. Mr. Brown, who has been an able manager, should be given an authority to supervise them also such that the employees can work in a union to understand the new system and their input to the same. Mr. Adams and Mr. Andrew heads of accounts and sales client department should continue their duties but also take into consideration the creative team’s suggestions and ideas in terms of handling the ad campaigns.


Creative Head

            Recruiting fees (maximum)                           $ 2,000

            Salary (including benefit package)                   35,000

New technology

            Systems                                                         45,000

            Updating systems with new technology        5,000

            Technicians recruiting                                      3,000

             Technicians Salaries (including package)       16,000

Manger’s salary up gradation cost                               5,000

Training costs                                                              10,000

Total Costs                                                                  121,000

Request for Authorization

Unique, fresh and seamless ad campaign delivery is what Phoenix stands for. Although the current statistics of Roanoke branch does not give a high profitability ratio as compared to the other branches but I am sure it will excel in the same way as it had in the past if the suggested plan is approved by the team. I will not direct the branch to a different direction but will try to restore the effectiveness of work output. The union of the teams of the three departments will help the branch to progress. The morale of the employees would be boosted and they will bring in their best to work.

 I appreciate the opportunity to investigate the problems at Roanoke branch. I am confident that after the team reviews my proposal I can accept authorization at our next management meeting on August 15.


Vincent K. Ayekof

Vice President of HR

[1] Source: Proposals and Special projects Robert G. turner Jr., Ph.D.

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