Information and Communication Revolution in Society Essay

Information and Communication Revolution in Society

We are living in the revolutionary times as technology has brought a seismic change in all the communication that is taking place in the society - Information and Communication Revolution in Society Essay introduction. “Today, after more than a century of electric technology, we have extended our central nervous system itself in a global embrace, abolishing both space and time…” (McLuhan, 1964, p. 3) The recent information and communication technologies, as well as those that are waiting to be discovered in near future, have laid down the foundation of the global information based society. Humanity is very quickly adapting to the technological novelties. People are adjusting to all the innovations and changes instantly and readily. The appetite for newer ways of getting information and entertainment are increasing. The young are being fed infotainment instead of information and entertainment separately. We have learned in the course that in modern times media plays a significant role in shaping the society and this topic directly relates to this issue and brings forward the strong impact of the modern media on society. Since computer and communication is the spine of the news and entertainment industry, the creation and use of new media is aided by the power of computer processing.

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Information and Communication Revolution in Society
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Hence websites, wikis, blogs, podcasting, mobile devices, e-mails and attachments, interactive television, virtual world, video games, hypertext fiction, and electronic kiosks are at present considered new media. The new media is making our future more advanced at an accelerating pace. Cairncross rightly observed that, “…technology takes shape long before its full consequences for society emerge.” (2001, p. 1) One major way in which everyone has been affected by the wave of new media is that, now the media does not present information and entertainment to us but with us. People are not passive audience of the media but actively participate in all the media related activities, as it is highly interactive in nature. “One such change is the ability of individual members of the audience to determine their personal patterns of media consumption rather than being at the mercy of schedules determined by television broadcasters.” (Rayner, Wall and Kruger, 2004, p. 221) The audience decides what it wants to see or listen. Media is no longer controlled by companies but by its audiences. People do not just read content but make content too. Hence technology is supporting society and in return is getting support from it. Both have become indispensable for one another.


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