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Information System in Business Processes

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Remarks By reading and discussing with our fellow students about these articles, we get to know the power, as well as the importance of IT in today’s business. We also had chance to delve into what really can IT does to empower the business processes. Additionally, in our opinions, these articles also illustrate very well how IT initiates, facilicates, and enables business processes by using many examples. It makes these technical texts much easier to understand and to digest. Here is the summary of Article 2 and 3 (we couldn’t get in touch with the member who is responsible for Article 1) 1.

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Information System in Business Processes
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Article 2 – Information Technology in Business Processes – Rengineering Business Process Re-engineering- fundamental rethinking and radical (new styles of working. change should be made at the root) redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in cost, quality, service and quickness and IT helps it to do it. Managed by top management Changes should be managed WHY? * to improve business inefficient processes * to be the industrial leader * to reorganize business functions * to improve current industry position * to be among the industry leaders to dramatically turn the company’s position around Advantages of IT * cost and time savings * accuracy and avoiding human mistakes concerning repetitive tasks * reduces errors and time * integrating and coordinating several services at once * improving efficiency in organization by eliminating delay, redundancy processing steps Enablers- elements that act as vehicles for processes to change and IT acts as enabler for BPR How IT make change easy? * Shared databases –different functions are allowed to take part by using the information stored in the databases.

Imaging technology–many people work at same time * Electronic data exchange and electronic funds transference * shared resources with different communication technologies(emails, video conference, ftp) Types of IT systems Criteria Dimension * Inter organizational-use of electronic data * inter functional-telecommunication * interpersonal-combine work and image technologies Object * physical: substitution to the manual labor by use of robotics, CAM ( Computer Aided Manufacturer) * informative: processing information with aid of IT

Activates * Operational : shared database * Managerial :decision making system * order flow : multimedia, shared databases * Strategic process – collect and distribute information such as video conferences, databases, email or telecommunication networks and executive information systems. Decision support systems and intelligent decision support systems- helps make decision * product process: CAD(computer aided design), CAE ( computer aided engineering) makes the product process easy

On marketing – computer assisted telephone interviews and company-customer communication through internet Service process- client server systems Accounting- telecommunication, SAPR/3(connects whole company and obtains necessary information) Personnel service: multimedia networks and technologies Other enablers Total quality management, human resources and organization. * structural enablers: change in human resources management, in training areas and training * self-managing teams don’t need leaders * cross functional teams solve problems by themselves * general purpose problem solving teams cultural enablers–about norms, values how the people should work at the company; everybody should be actively participating * human resources–in-depth training and motivation aspects, involve workers in decision making systems * quality management–incites the idea of a change Degree of mediation–sequential flow of input and output among the participants functions in a business process. High degree of mediation involves a large number of intermediate steps and process at low degree of mediation has several functions that contribute directly to the process outcome with the mediation of sequential steps.

Degree of collaboration — frequency and intensity of information exchange which can range from none (low level degree of collaboration) to extensive (higher level degree of collaboration) Information exchange in a process IT diminish the degree of mediation and increase the degree of collaboration 2. Article 3 – Information Technology in Business Processes IT has always been playing a significant role in most of the everyday operations of today’s business world. At the very first place, IT had been considered a supporting player.

However, with the successes IT has been bringing to business world, IT is now taking crucial roles in business processes; and can lead to “broader shifts in products, markets, and society as a whole”. This paper discusses the framework of the roles of IT as an initiator, a facilitator, or an enabler in details; and review the impact of IT on specific business processes, and on organizations and management The proposed framework can be broken down into * 3 dimensions: * Why? – Initiator * What? – Facilitator * How? – Enabler * 3 views: Logical view: the Why – What – How * Physical view: the Functions – Operations – Procedures * Conceptual view: the Need – Product – Process Roles of IT: * Initiator: acts as an agent of changes. It means new requirements are imposed and need to be resolved by the usage of certain existing IT, Additionally, new operations may be caused by the decision of using certain current ITs. Therefore, the availability of IT can be considered an initiator of change. * Facilitator: serves as something to make work or a workload easier.

As the need to create a new product to fulfill new requirements, or to create new operations, grows, IT can facilitate such process to achieve things that, frequently, could not be done before. * Enabler: offers the ability of the necessary assistance to accomplish process innovation. It means to accelerate specific process steps and to make the work “smarter and more productively”. Review of IT’s impact * On specific business processes: * In office automation: facilitates parts of the job routine to be more efficient * In transformation of organization: * provides organizational support reduces information overload; * empowers companies to compete more efficiently and to respond internally to developments in the external business environment more rapidly * helps top executives in making decisions * In business process: * Cuts the rate of human error and permitted closer and more effective monitoring of goods movements. * Reduces required transaction times and cut its manpower requirements by almost 70 percent * In imaging technology: enables rapid processing and evaluation of the data * In electronic commerce: * enables greater degree of personalized service provides another venue for buyer-seller interactions * On organizations and management: * In Process of communication: * Increases the ability to change and to respond for immediate and direct economic benefit. * Facilitates the streamlining of the administrative process * Enables the decentralization of the scope and scale of the business * Enables the detection and understanding of the pattern and pace of change. * Reduces the need for middle managers * Satisfies the need for ever-closer coordination in the business area * Promotes a business environment that is more efficient, more adaptable, and more flexible. Facilitates a wider availability of information about products and services * Business process reengineering (BPR) : IT is used to achieve new goals and process and perform the things that are not already being done * In reengineering a process: serves as a facilitator * In the reengineered process: * Facilitates a company to retain/gain operation efficiency * Allows the maintenance of high labor productivity * Helps to reduce the number of intermediate steps in complex processes * Allows necessary tasks to be accomplished more independently and efficiently *

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