Information Systems and Organizational Departments Essay

Information Systems and Organizational Departments Information systems are typically computer based systems used within an organization to create a system consisting of the network of all communication channels used within an organization. It usually includes hardware, software, people, communications systems such as telephone lines, and the data itself (WordIQ. com, 2010). These systems are used to enable organization, data processing, scheduling, accounting, etc. Every department within an organization can benefit from information systems.

An organizations finance department would highly benefit from the use of information systems.

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Information Systems and Organizational Departments
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Cloud-Based ERP/Financial Suite is an example of a financial information system.

This system includes full featured financials, CRM, inventory, e-commerce software in a single system, real-time visibility across the entire business operation, an on-demand software infrastructure that dramatically lowers maintenance and license fees, real time, role-based dashboards for all your key employees and anywhere, anytime access to the information an organization needs.

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of medium and heavy-duty trucks, currently uses this financial information system. This system allowed management a clear insight of all sales activities in the United States and Japan, it allowed for fleet sales organization, and employees are able to get dashboards and reports on demand (NetSuite. com, 2010). Human resource departments would also find information systems beneficial for the department. An example of a human resources information system is HR Quick. According to DataIngenuity. om (2010), “This system simplifies the processes and procedures of tracking employee information and generating forms that are critical to the employment process. ” The benefits of this particular system is that it is able to track history of job, salary, and supervisor changes, track benefit plans by employee, see total costs, company costs and employee costs, employment forms are generated by the system and are ready to print, and current data is easily imported into this system (DataIngenuity. com, 2010). Another department that can benefit from information systems is an organizations marketing department.

Act-On Marketing Service is an example of a marketing information system. The Act On Software Inc. (2010) website states, “This system generates demand by building web forms and landing pages, promotes using Twitter, e-mail and ad campaigns, and tracks site visits, clicks and sign ups from an organizations campaign. It qualifies prospects by using drip marketing programs to nurture leads, uses segment leads based on attributes and responsive behaviors, and sets up events and webinars to further engage interested prospects. This system also helps an organization close deals by using behavioral scoring to identify the best prospects for sales, allows sales to quickly see all relevant marketing touch points, and supports sales communications with professional e-mail templates (Act On Software Inc. , 2010). Information systems allow an organization to be more organized, communicate within departments more efficiently, communicate with other departments more efficiently, and overall make day to day functions easier for employees and management.

Every department in an organization will benefit from having an information system in place. Sources: WordIQ. com. (2010). Information Systems. Retrieved from http://www. wordiq. com/definition/Information_systems NetSuite. com. (2010). Customer Success Story: Isuzu Commercial Truck of America. Retrieved from http://www. netsuite. com/portal/home. shtml DataIngenuity. com. (2010). Human Resource Management Systems. Retrieved from http://www. dataingenuity. com/products Act On Software Inc. (2010). Act On Marketing Services. Retrieved from http://www. actonsoftware. com/

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