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Your presentation and participation

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What will you do after graduate? Would you want to be a rich person or buy a sport car? Be the owner of a modern bungalow? All of this you can achieve after you have success in your college or your education. I am sure everyone want to success in their life with whatever they want to do. Before we graduate we have to study and get a good result. Sulfanilamide , Today will share some tips on how to have excellent study which is find a suitable study technique for yourself, how to make an interesting note and make early preparation before enter the class.

K , let’s get started on our investigation of find a suitable study technique for yourself. There are many study technique in this world but you have to find the most suitable technique that suit you very well. Study group is one of the technique. Study group is a small group Of people who regularly meet to discuss shared fields of study.

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Your presentation and participation
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It has a lot of benefit. You can share your ideas and thoughts about learning. You may become more committed in your study because the entire group members are depending on your presentation and participation.

Other then that , the group member will listen and discuss information and concept urine the study session. This will increase the auditory skill in learning and your focus when study. It also can help student memorizing the information effectively. The second technique is study by your own self. This technique is for those people who love study in a quite environment. Student can make their own notes and exercises. Now you understand two suitable study technique for yourself. Let’s continue our investigation how to make an As we all know notes is very important for every interesting notes. Detent who study to make them more understand about what they learn. I eave two kind of interesting note that you can do. First , mind mapping. Why mind mapping? According to the inventor of mind map, Tony Abuzz it a powerful graphic technique which provide a universal key to unlock potential of the brain. Ingredient to make mind map recipe is simple. You just need a blank unlined paper , color pens and pencils , your brain and your imagination . Then you can freely sketch your mind map according your creativity. Next, flash card. Flash card is usually use when we want to recall want we already remember.

Normally in flash card we just put the key word f important data such as historical date , formula , the name of the place. Now you already know on how to make an interesting notes. Let’s continue our investigation on make early preparation before enter the class. Rarely we find student make early preparation before they enter the class. It actually important for every student make their own research before enter the class. It helps a lot in memorizing and understanding in what we learn. Student can make exercise by their own before lecturer teach them. Other than that student can read the topic in advance and make short note.

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