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Informative speech about Fair Trade

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Example Outline (Lucas, Stephen.  Instructor’s Manual to The Art of Public Speaking, 7th edition.  2002.)

Purpose: To introduce the person of Henry Ford, his history, his achievements and the impact he has on the automobile industry.

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Informative speech about Fair Trade
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Central Idea: We ride cars today without thinking about the history of the automobile industry. There is no way we would account for the growth of this industry without mentioning the Ford Motor Company.


Attention getter:         Ford Motor Company is arguably the biggest manufacturer of automobile and the largest truck producing company.

Revealing the Topic:   For us to appreciate the present, we must go back into the past. In the past lies the clue to the quiz the future.

Creating Credibility:   As a college student, I had my Internship in the Ford Motor Company. I have also been using the Ford brand of cars for sometime.

Preview statement:      Today, we will be going back in time in history. I would be talking about the history and person of Henry Ford and his Company.

I would also be talking about his success and how the company has impacted the future of the automobile industry.

Trans. (Imagine living in a world without cars, trucks and buses? Imagine still riding on the back of horses and donkeys? The message here is clear – the automobile has established itself as a necessary part of our life.)


            I.         History of Henry Ford

                        A. Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, was an engineer.

                        B. Henry began his career as a worker with the Edison engine company

C. In 1899, he formed the Detroit Automobile Company.

D. In 1901, he and other financiers founded Henry Ford Company, which later

became the Cadillac Automobile Company

E. In 1903, he and other financier founded the Ford Motor Company

Transition (Although considered one of the greatest in the automobile industry, this is not to say that Henry Ford did not have his trying times)

            II Henry Ford had to cope with some setbacks

A. In 1901, Detroit Automobile Company went bankrupt.

B. He was also forced to resign from Henry Ford Company, the company that he founded              and the company was changed to Cadillac Automobile Company

Transition (Henry Ford was not only an engineer, he was an innovator, a business man and a     leader)

III. Ford Motor Company is created a niche for itself

            A. In barely two years of operation, the company created a name for itself. They were

                 known for their effectively and reliability.

            B. They were also known for their efficiency and organization.

IV. Ford Motor Company’s Success Story

            A. Their First brand,  1,700 Model A automobiles was a major success and gave them a

                 a reputation among the people of America.

            B. This made them design some other models from B to S

            C. A model that is a success is their Model N. This became the car of the masses.

            D.  The Model T was also known for its attractive design and fast Speed. They sold

                  Over 10,000 the initial year of production.

            E. In 1913, Ford Motor Company already spread across Europe and Asia.

            D. Ford Motor Company was the first to triple the wages of their workers in business


Transition (Every success comes with its woes)

V. The failures of Ford Motor Company

            A. The first major failure is the luxury Model K that they floated into the market.

            B. Apart from this, Ford Motor Company also recorded several losses from some of their

                 Models like Edsel, Mustang,

            C. They also recorded heavy losses on a number of their product and were forced to sell s

                 Some companies they purchased at half the price.

Transition (When we know the past and present, it should give us a clue of the future)


            A. In the 21st Century, Ford Motor Company has established itself as the largest

                 Automobile company to produce trucks

B. They first U.S. automaker to produce a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), a combination        gasoline- and battery-operated vehicle hailed by environmentalists.


Signaling the end:      In conclusion, I hope it has been an informative journey so far.

Summary:                   When next you ride on a Ford product or you are asked a question on the c

                                   Company, you should be able to answer properly.

End with impact:        The things we do live after us. Henry Ford has lived a life of influence.

                                   I can only hope we would do the same.


“Ford Motor Company.” Microsoft® Student 2008 [DVD]. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2007.
El-Messidi, Kathy. “Automobile Industry.” Microsoft® Student 2008 [DVD]. Redmond,
WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2007.


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