Informative Speech Assignment Essay

Speech – must contain the essential characteristics of an informative speech: clarity, association of new ideas with old ones, coherence and motivational appeal. Length: Speech will be from 5 to 6 minutes. Topic: Above and beyond all else, an informative speech must share information with the audience that they don’t already know. Pick something that you know about and are interested in enough to research.

The topic must also be relevant ND/or interesting to your audience. Speech MUST include Introduction that captures the audience’s attention, establishes your ethos, and previews the main ideas of the speech.

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Informative Speech Assignment
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Body with clearly identified main points using sign-posts and transition techniques. You also must include at least four published sources of supporting material in the speech itself. The best speeches will use different kinds of support (explanations, comparisons, examples, statistics and testimony).

Conclusion that provides closure and leaves the audience aware of your central goal. DELIVERY: Extemporaneous. May use note cards but in outline form.

VISUAL Highly recommended if they are likely to enhance the audience’s AIDS: understanding or interest. Up to 20 seconds of video permitted. OUTLINE: A word processed outline is due before class on the day of the speech and must contain: : speech to accomplish. General purpose: What you want the Specific purpose: Response you want from audience.

Thesis statement: Sentence summarizing speech. Organizational Pattern: Spatial/Topical/Chronological/etc Outline of Speech: Introduction, Body, Conclusion (see sample outline) Bibliography: 8 SOURCES MINIMUM PRACTICE: Deliver your speech from start to finish without stopping at least three times before you give it in class.

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