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Insanity and Temporary Insanity Essay

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Insanity and Temporary Insanity 2 Miller v. State Supreme Court of Nevada, 1996 991 P. 2d 1183 The facts of the case are as follow; “on May 8, 1993, John Kilioi Miller stabbed to death Robyn Goring, whom he shared an apartment with along with their children. He was discovered by an officer who also lived in the same apartment complex. She had heard a loud noise which took her to the discovery of the horrible crime that had just took place. The minute the officer arrived Miller replied, “I lost it,” and at the same time apologizing for what he had done.

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Insanity and Temporary Insanity
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She then observed the body of Goring which was lying on the kitchen floor with a knife in her body. It was later sought by the medical examiner that there where forty-two stab wounds in Goring. Miller gave a voluntary statement to police about the incident. ” During the course of the case several doctors including psychiatrist and neurologist testified that Miller was not sane at the time of the crime.

They concluded that Miller could not appreciate the nature of his acts and could not recognize the difference between right and wrong.

The court did not believe that the jury was given the correct definition in regards to whether declaring Miller insane or temporary insane at the time of the crime. They believe that it would confuse the jury. So, the court ordered the conviction be reversed and the matter be remanded for a new trial. Insanity and Temporary Insanity 3 Reference Schmalleger. (Third Edition). Criminal Law Today: An Introduction with Capstone Cases (pp. 282-285)

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