Intellectual Property and Purine Drug-development Platform

Founders goal for Purinex is to maintain the firm’s viability as a strategic acquisition target or as a possible IPO candidate and if the firm wants to become IPO candidate, it means that the firm has to retain some of its core intellectual properties. Purinex’s vision is to be a leader in pharmaceutical in the industry that its business can save and improve patients’ lives involving in the whole process of discovering, developing and commercializing purine receptors.

Purinex, with 14 employees and a chemistry laboratory, is a pharmaceutical company dedicated in discovering, developing and commercializing therapeutic compounds based on its purine drug-development platform. To carry out its mission, building a partnership with a major pharmaceutical company would be a reasonable strategy, which is also a prerequisite for its acquisition or IPO, an exit strategy for its investors from a financial perspective. In that case, Purinex’s intellectual property, as its source of value including 35 patents developing drug or already issued in the purine field, is a essential part to maintain Purines’s viability.

Specifically, Purinex have launched two promising program for the treatment of diabetes and sepsis. For the diabetes program, Purinex had a patent on the use of any purine antagonist ofr the treatment of diabetes and its related conditions within the U. S. The company had also developed a series of proprietary antagonist molecules that showed great promise in preclinical studies of diabetes. According to FDA’ s research, it has a probability of 5%-10% to be ultimately approved for marketing. If this come true, this program will generate $4 billion sales annually.

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