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Intentional Learning- Final Assignment

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Technical Reasoning 20, and Confluence 17. I use Sequence and Precision on a use first basis, I use Technical Reasoning as needed, and I avoid using my Confluence learning pattern. As I take in the world around me, I have noticed that I am always asking for an exact way of doing things (Precision), and that I enjoy following recipes and step by step instructions (Sequence).

When anything involving the Technical Reasoning learning pattern pops up in my life, I have to have some type of guidance or directions to get it done.

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Intentional Learning- Final Assignment
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Once I have received the guidance needed, I can complete the task just fine. I have also noticed that anything that happens that is unexpected (Confluence) or unplanned in my day to day life stresses me out a lot. Now that I have taken this class, I can stop and say “hey, that situation just called for me to use my Confluence learning pattern. ” My unique combination of Learning Patterns benefits me in lots of ways.

I am able to read any directions, ask for clarity where it is needed, and complete the task at hand, every time. While taking this course, I always read over the chapter before I started the course week, I set alarms using my cell phone to remind me of the due dates of assignments and quizzes, and also read over the instructor’s guidance multiple times during the course week. Once was fully aware of the way that I learn, took advantage of my learning strengths by intentionally reading for information more and following outlines to a t. I also began to ask questions in my day to day life, so that I could learn ore.

My unique combination of Learning Patterns can also be challenging at times. I use my Technical Reasoning learning pattern as needed and I avoid using my Confluence learning pattern. This can sometimes cause problems with my learning. When asked to be creative usually have a hard time trying to come up with things. I also come to a standstill while writing essays for class, unless I read the instructions over and over again. While taking this class, have forged my confluence in order to complete discussion question and respond to peers. Eve also had to tether my precision when writing so that I don’t include too many details.

In future courses, in order to become a more intentional learner, I will use brainstorming to forge my confluence. By brainstorming, I will have more ideas to choose from when completing a writing assignment. I will also limit the amount of details that I try to include in assignments by tethering my Precision. I know that by Fitting my learning patterns, my journey as an intentional learner will be a less complicated one. Reflecting on the past five weeks of class, I have rely enjoyed learning about my learning patterns and how they work. Ever knew that there were actual patterns that describe the way a person learns. This class was so enjoyable and interesting, to me, that I would not change a thing about it. Since I had taken online classes prior to this one, I knew exactly what to expect when beginning this course, and everything from the discussion forums to the smart phone app, lived up to my expectations. I really have enjoyed learning about learning for the past five weeks and I am more enthused than ever about continuing my online education.

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