Interactive Multimedia & Learning Processes Essay


Interactive Multimedia & Learning Processes

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Interactive Multimedia & Learning Processes Essay
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A person is always in the learning phase, & this process continues throughout his/her life - Interactive Multimedia & Learning Processes Essay introduction. We learn from our parents, teachers, friends, surrounding etc. In order to communicate that message appropriately, different styles are implemented.

Experiencing (Concrete Experience) & Active Experimentation (Applying) are the two main parts of any learning process that require interactive multimedia. Experiencing is the part where the presenter shares his/her failure and success stories & Active experimentation is the final implementation of what has been taught. In order to facilitate learning, presentations are effective. PowerPoint presentation will help create the right picture in the attendee’s mind, as a presentation is to the point & is backed up with visuals and audio (HR-Council, 2010). Computer simulations are another way to implement what is taught. This further helps in the learning process, as a person is prepared to face what’s there in the practical world for him/her.

Lectures, tutorial, seminars, group activities are those which are least influenced by interactive multimedia. The main purpose of the lectures is to give an overview of the subject matter & build interest in it, rather then disseminating facts (Tudor, 2010). Where as tutorial & seminars help the attendee to acquire some of the ‘personal transferable skills’. These sessions are conducted by professionals, who basically share their personal views & experiences. The other two parts of learning processes which do not rely on interactive multimedia are the Reflecting (reflective observation) & Thinking (abstract conceptualization). Reflecting is when the attendee cross questions the speaker to clear any misunderstandings, while thinking is what one pictures in his/her mind, how & where will that specific information be implemented.



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