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Interchangeability is a concept credited to Eli Wh

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    itney, however thegreat mind behind this concept is actually Johannes Gutenburg, who actuallyinvented the printing press. The letters on his press wore out quickly, sohe had interchangeable letters handy for when one would break. Clockmakers started making parts interchangeable in the 18th century. In 1803,Eli Whitney manufactured interchangeable parts for muskets as well.

    Following his presentation, Eli Whitney signed an order with the governmentfor 4,000 muskets however, he took eight years to make them all, and theyweren’t interchangeable.

    The invention of interchangeable parts had many different impacts.

    Economically, industry greatly increased in the north, and the south. Newmethods of transportation were developed. New roads were built and somewere made better because orders needed to be shipped. In the north, canalsbecame an essential part of transportation; goods could be shipped fasterthan on land. Interchangeable parts caused the opening of more factories,and because of that, workers were needed. Immigrants came and quicklyfilled these new jobs. Manufacturing was changed also; products could beproduced more efficiently and in less time. Socially, there were manyeffects as well. Many people living in isolated places could now afford tobuy a musket because of the lower prices and cheaper shipping. Since therewere better roads, there were more travel opportunities, and it was easierto get around.

    Interchangeable parts have changed in many ways since 1803. When henryford developed his assembly line, he had to make every part the same. Thus,he adopted the idea of interchangeable parts. Many other companies in the50’s, 60’s, and 70’s adopted the idea as well. Interchangeable partsgreatly advanced the world of science and technology. They assisted in theworld’s first assembly line, helped to make the Model-T more affordable forthe common person. Today, many mass-made products have interchangeableparts. Sunglasses and eyeglasses have interchangeable parts screws andlenses. Many car parts such as tires, and windshields are interchangeableas well. However, we can’t forget the fact that interchangeable parts arestill used in some clocks and watches, where they first began nearly 200years ago.

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