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Assignment set 1

Q: 1 Explain the different economic indexs which give us the thought of the economic status of the state in brief.

The economic status can be measured with the aid of some economic indexs. These are the variables designed to foretell alterations in the concern rhythm.

The size of population

He larger the population, larger will be the market. The population of a state changes because of the three factors listed below:

1 ) Birth rate.

2 ) Death rate.

3 ) Migration in and out of the state

The distribution of population is an of import facet of calculating the demand of the merchandise and is helpful in market cleavage determinations. Different age groups will hold different demands and population denseness is a good arrow of market attraction.

Degree of income and its distribution:

The income degree is normally represented by Gross national merchandise ( GNP ) or Gross Domestic merchandise ( GDP ) . GDP: it is the sum of the entire end product of goods and services by a state during a fiscal twelvemonth.

Gross national product: GDP plus the income from abroad. World Bank has classified states by their per capita income in the undermentioned classs:

Low income states US $ 875 or less.

In-between income states US $ 876-10725.

High income states US $ 10,726 or supra.

Another manner of sorting states harmonizing tots economic activity can be: Less developed states, Pre-industrial states, Developing states, industrialised states, advanced states.

the survey of population helps in doing market sections and consequently the company can provide to the demands of both high and low monetary value versions of the same merchandise in the same state.

Market construction:

To measure the economic status of a state, we must cognize the construction of the market.

The chief categorizations are:

1.Perfect competition

The chief features of this market are:

Tonss of manufacturers and consumers.

Identical merchandises.

Monetary value is set by the market forces ( demand and supply ) .

Willingness to pay.

Monopolistic competition

Monopolistic competition is more realistic status than perfect competition.

Main features of this market are:

Large figure of houses bring forthing somewhat differentiated merchandises.

Exclusive manufacturer of a peculiar merchandise so is a monopolizer of that product/brand.

The distinction is merely from the point of position of purchasers.

Each house has some grade of control over monetary values.

Buyers become loyal to the product/brand.

New houses are free to come in the market.


Main features of this market are:

  • Few houses holding similar or different merchandises.
  • Each house has some grade of control over monetary value.
  • Chemical reaction of challengers is really of import.
  • Mutuality of behaviour in instance of oligopoly.
  • New entry is hard.

Phases of concern rhythm

Prosperity – roar – diminution – depression – recovery

Consumption form: Consumption means concluding purchase of the goods and services by the persons


Inflation is defined as a general addition in the degree of monetary values. When the degree of monetary values are high in a state companies might non happen it good to sell its merchandises as the buying power of persons reduces as the existent income reduces.

Handiness to human resources: The copiousness of human resource makes the fabrication procedure easy and lowers the cost of production. To understand the niceties of the concern in the host state, the company prefers to enroll the local skilled or semi-skilled labour. That is why the company looks at this factor while analysing the economic environment of the host state.

Infrastructure:The importance of substructure needs no accent. For the operation of the company, route and rail connexion, telecommunication installations, power supply and so on is required. A support substructure is a stipulation for the development of any industry. The companies must measure the handiness of substructure of the host state.

Q: 2 Write short notes on:

  1. Arbitration B ) FDI

ArbitrationArbitration is a technique of difference declaration in international commercial minutess, or outside the is that techniquie in which the 3rd party reviews the groundss and enforce determination. It is most normally used in affairs such as consumers and is faster and be effectual procedure.Some of the benefits of arbitration may be as follow:

  • It limits the difference and associated libilities because most legal systems there are really limited avenues for for entreaty of an arbitrational award.
  • In judicial proceedings the official linguistic communication of the state is automatically applied where as in arbitrational priceedings any linguistic communication may be used.
  • Arbitration awards are generallu easier than judicial awards.
  • Arbitration is frequently faster than judicial proceeding in tribunal
  • It is more flexible and cheaper for concerns.
  • Arbitral awards and proceedings are by and large made confidential and non-public.
  • Arbiters with appropriate grades are appointed when the topic, atter of the difference is extremely proficient.
  • Exclusionary regulations of grounds don’t apply ; everything can come into grounds so long as relevant and non-cumulative.
  • There is less exposure to punitory amendss and run off juries from defence point of position
  • The fact of conclusiveness of arbitration awards that usually there is no right of entreaty to the tribunals to alter the award.

FDI ( Foreign Direct Investment )foreign direct investing, a company straight invests in another state to do or market an entity in a foreign state. The puting company may do investing in a figure of ways in abroad by puting up associated or subordinate company in foreign state by joint venture, amalgamations or portions of a foreign company. Foreign direct investing is inactive investing such as stock and bonds in contrast to portfolio investing.

Brown field schemeis one signifier in which the company draw a bead oning to travel international decides to put in an bing company in a suited location/country. That bing company has most of the substructure, but the engineering involved may be disused, present runing capacity may far less than the installed capacity and besides may be in demand of financess for modernisation and increase production.

The 2nd signifier of market entry scheme is throughgreen field investing, where a new unit is established after making all the needed substructure and permission from the local authorities.

Q:3 What are the issues related channel determinations in international selling?

Most manufacturers seldom sell their goods straight to the concluding consumers. Most frequently manufacturers rely on a selling channel which comprise of a host of selling mediators executing a assortment of maps and bearing a assortment of names. One of the most important determinations confronting direction is marketing-channel determinations. All the other selling determinations are really closely affected by the company’s selected channels.

1-Relatively long-run committednesss to other concerns are involved in a company’s channel determinations.

2-There is besides a powerful inertial inclination in channel agreements

3-The range of distribution channels extends beyond simple convenience to include impacting the product’s significance.

Effectiveness of international distribution channels:

The Five C’s Framework can be used by international sellers to find the effectivity of their international distribution channels:

Coverage– Ability of channel to link with targeted clients to carry through market portion and growing aims.

Fictional character– Congruence of channel with the company’s sought after merchandise placement.

Continuity– The channel trueness to the company.

Control– The ability of the company to command the whole selling plan for the merchandise or service.

Cost– The investing needed to put up and keep the channel- variable associated with gross revenues degree.

Fixed costs needed to pull off the channel: preparation of gross revenues force, installations and stock lists.

Control over distribution:

1-There is a planetary tendency toward shorter distribution channels and closer links, if non direct relationships, with those active participants in the channel.

2-It is the position of some that the exclusive manner to internationalize is to voyage closer and closer to finish control by agencies of wholly owned subordinate. This nevertheless is a reasonably wrong one.

3-First, we have to see Industry features, the value-addition of the concern and what the consumers truly desire are to be foremost considered. Second, close control through a committee agent or joint venture is frequently possible. Control and ownership should non be straight equated.

Q:4 What are the different schemes adopted by the seller while repairing the monetary value for the merchandise?

Different schemes are adopted by the sellers while repairing the monetary value for the merchandise and these schemes need to be monitored and reviewed at regular intervals.

Cost based pricing or Cost plus pricing:This is the most common method of pricing followed by the sellers.

Price = [ Fixed costs + Variable costs + Overheads + Marketing costs ] + specified per centum of the entire costs ( stand foring the net income part )

Market Oriented Pricing

method is extremely flexible and provides for monetary values to be changed in melody with alterations in the market conditions. This method is besides referred to as ‘what the traffic will bear method’ ,

Following rivals

Following the leaders is a common tendency seen in every field of activity in our day-to-day lives. Similarly, even in the instance of repairing monetary values, many houses merely follow the dominant rivals. These dominant rivals are besides called as ‘price leaders’

Three alternate ways of following the rival:

Repairing the monetary value at the same degree as that of the rival

Repairing a lower monetary value than the one fixed by the rival

Repairing a monetary value which is higher than that of the competitor’s

Negotiated monetary values

This method is normally adopted when covering with powerful purchasers who buy in big measure, for illustration, Governments and establishments.

Customer determined monetary value

In instance of international selling, frequently, the foreign purchaser indicates the monetary value at which he is prepared to purchase the merchandise. By virtuousness of this, the marketer is pre-empted from citing his monetary value.

Break-even pricing

For any seller, there is a peculiar point in his concern game where he is able to cover all the disbursals incurred by him but he is non able to gain any net income from the activity he is prosecuting.

Break-even monetary value –the monetary value for a given degree of end product at which there is neither any loss nor net income.

Break-even point –popularly called BEP, this is the point or the degree of gross revenues at which the sum gross will precisely be the sum cost.

Margin of safety –the difference between the BEP and the expected capacity use is known as the border of safety.

Margin of safety = expected capacity use – break-even point

From the above we can construe:

a ) Lower the BEP, higher the opportunity of the undertaking devising net income

B ) Lower the BEP, higher the border of safety

degree Celsius ) If the BEP is really high, the hazard will besides be really high.

Fringy Cost Pricing

This attack is more suited in measuring and analysing the profitableness of the new orders in instance of houses with idle capacity i.e. , the house is non using its installed optimally.

Creative Pricing

Creative pricing is a construct derived from the fringy costing attack. Creative pricing attack advocates tapping the advantage of the flexibleness between the lower bound of break-even monetary value and the upper bound of the competitor’s monetary value for a similar merchandise. If the fringy cost is really less when compared to the monetary value of the rival, there is purchase to the exporter to follow aggressive pricing policies in instance of export order.

Q: 5 what is personal merchandising? Explain with grounds why local subjects are preferred as gross revenues forces in international selling?

Delivery of a specially designed message to a chance by a marketer, normally in the signifier of face-to-face communicating, personal correspondence, or a personal telephone conversation.

Harmonizing to Stanton, “personal merchandising is the personal communicating of information to carry prospective client to purchase something – a merchandise, service, thought or something else. This is in contrast to the mass, impersonal communicating of advertisement, gross revenues publicity and or other promotional tools”


Personal merchandising is one of the most effectual manner of marketing communicating. It besides helps to get the better of the selling barriers in few instances.

1 ) A side benefit for your concern is the chance to derive market research from this personal contact. You can derive knowledge about what your possible clients truly think, what your rivals are up to and what is presently losing from the market place offerings

2 ) On history of the personal touch, the seller is in a place to acquire meaningful feedback, suggestions for betterment and right the ailments and grudges quickly.

3 ) Personal merchandising is extremely flexible as the seller can develop specific programs to manage every client.

4 ) It is extremely cost-efficient particularly for the little sellers with limited resources at their disposal.

5 ) Personal merchandising is an effectual and fast path attack to change over enquiry into gross revenues.

6 ) Opportunity to construct a stronger long-run relationship. Personal contact will promote trueness

7 ) Try before you buy – depending on your product/service, possible clients may be able to test the product/services before really buying.

Advantages of utilizing local subjects

International concern houses need to prosecute the services of adept gross revenues force as a first measure in pull offing personal merchandising. While enrolling selling and gross revenues forces traveling to manage a peculiar foreign market,

Local market demand to be appointed. However, if in a foreign market, 3rd state subjects are likely to win in personal merchandising, 3rd state forces can besides be engaged. With the growing in international selling, it is anyhow ideal to utilize local subjects for the intent of personal merchandising. English being the internationally recognized linguistic communication, gross revenues individual so selected demand to hold good spoken English to enable them to interpret the aims of the concern house into a profitable venture.

For illustration the sale of certain consumer goods like vacuity cleansing agent ( Eureka Forbes ) and H2O purifiers ( Aqua guard ) through personal merchandising is really effectual. The gross revenues forces are making the ultimate users and carrying them to buy the goods explicating the engineering and long- term advantages to the families. They besides convey the disadvantages to the families if the peculiar consumer goods are non used in footings of inability to supply pure imbibing H2O and keeping the houses clean.

Q: 6 discuss the advantages of direct and indirect exportation.

Advantages of direct exportation

In direct export extinguishing mediators increases the possible net income

  • In direct selling you have greater flexibleness to better or airt your selling attempts as your concern develops in foreign, market
  • Market is better understood
  • You can show yourself to the full committed and engaged in T he export procedure
  • Fast and direct feedback by clients are provided to you for your merchandise and public presentation
  • You know whom to reach if something is n’t working
  • Better protection for hallmarks, patents and right of first publications are provided.
  • Better communicating with the clients is available for more effectual and efficient public presentation and merchandise.
  • Awareness of clients is increased.
  • Minutess take topographic point over greater control.

Advantages if indirect exporting

  • It does non necessitate any market expertness
  • Concentration of resources towards production
  • It provides a way to come in foreign markets without the complexnesss
  • Little or no fiscal committedness as the clients ‘ exports normally covers most disbursals associated with international gross revenues.
  • Low hazard exists for companies who consider their domestic market to be more of import and for companies that are still developing their R & A ; D, selling, and gross revenues schemes.
  • Export direction is outsourced, relieving force per unit area from direction squad
  • In indirect exporting company can get down exporting with no incremental investing in fixed capital, low start-up costs and few market hazards but with chances for incremental gross revenues.
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