International Marketing: Coca-Cola as International Brand Essay

International Marketing: Coca-Cola as International Brand

1 - International Marketing: Coca-Cola as International Brand Essay introduction. Identify the product and the international countries where it is sold.

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International Marketing: Coca-Cola as International Brand
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Nowadays Coca-Coca is a popular soft drink not only in the United States, but also in many other countries. The effectiveness along with creativity of marketing strategy makes Coca-Cola a winner in profits and sales even in international markets. Coke is famous in the international markets in Poland, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Czech Republic, India, Romania, China, India, Mexico, etc. (Golan 2000)

2. Identify the adaptations for each of the elements of the marketing mix.

In USA the company is constructing new ways of products sales and promotions to attract more customers and to increase market share. Therefore to be successful in domestic market Coca-Cola aims at better promotion and flexible pricing policy. Coca-Cola is famous also in international markets due to its creative marketing strategies and flexible policies. In international markets the company offers products that are able to meet customer’s needs. In some countries consumers need drink that contains low rate of sugar and coke has responded by developing Diet Coke. Cola is famous in Chinese market as its strategy aims to make the products less expensive, more available and tasty. Company introduces various drinks tailored to Chinese palates. In the Chinese market the company practices social marketing as well as in Indian market. Therefore the prices are lower and promotion is higher. Coca-Cola is popular in Russian market due to brand promotion. Although the prices are high, the promotion talks people into buying Coke as it is a “cool” brand. Promotion is seen on the T-shirts, on TV and radio stations. Coke is famous in the markets of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, India, Romania, etc. due to distribution efficiency. In the mentioned markets promotion is not just the products’ advertising, but also “the position it holds in people’s minds”. Coke’s popularity in international markets is caused by product attractiveness and visibility, color and display quality. (Golan 2000)


Golan, Amos. (2000). Estimating Coke’s and Pepsi’s Price and Advertising Strategies. Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 18, 4, 398-405.




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