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Internet Marketing Essay

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Why would a consumer go to the library instead of using the Internet for research? We all know that the Internet have opened us to many possibilities and helped us to save more of our time with this fast speed technology. However, there are still some specific tasks that Internet did not convince the users, things such as doing a professional research through the Internet, but instead they prefer doing it in libraries.

There reason behind this is that even though the Internet brought us a lot of convenience for the daily life, it is still not much credible when you have to do a serious research.

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The information around the internet that comes from unknown sources that should not be trusted and users know that. Even though there might be Websites that are trustworthy, people do not know the difference between the good or the bad sources, and at the end those good sources have their names spoiled by the others that are fakes.

The Internet is a good tool for a supporter of research, but it still not very safe to make a professional research based on 100% of information that is found through the Internet, since it’s still not very reliable. 2- How might e-marketers capitalize on consumer interest in relationships as an outcome of Internet activity? Since marketers know how hard nowadays is to get the Internet users’ attention and trust, they have to learn how to capture the consumer’s interest relating to whatever product they intend to sell them.

Let us take an example of software from company that helps translating materials. Although the service idea might be attractive, if a user hear about it they might not believe it would translate accurately. So, the company’s strategy to get the user interested on purchasing the software would be to let them download a demo, which is a simple version of the software that usually has an expiring date.

Once the user realizes how good the software is and how accurate it translates they would be interested in purchasing the software. The games industry mostly uses this strategy of letting the users download a simple version of their games so that they can get a taste of it and purchase it after all. Also a very typical method for getting outcomes with the customers to get a relationship with them and to have them buying the product or service is the Marketing Mix and the CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

As every marketer knows, the Marketing Mix is very important to determine the company’s product and brand and it is done by establishing the four Ps (Product, Place, Price, and Promotion). For a company to sell their product, one of the distribution channels can be the Internet for some of them, or for the pure players it is the main channel they would have. Once the Marketing Mix is determined, it is important to put CRM in practice, which is to manage the current and possible future customers.

Those two methods are very important if the company wants to create a strong relationship and be able to have a transactional outcome. Lastly, a very basic way to get to know what the interests of the customers are is through research. Companies have no problem on spending a great amount of money when it comes to precede a survey of focus group methods to get to know their target market and get them to buy their product. After all, it would be an investment for the growth of the company and increase the number of customers.

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