Internet report


The internet has taken over the world by storm and has become a major part of our lives as it is easy in use and is available through out the world. So, due to a great involvement of internet in daily life its use has extended in shopping and other surfing methods too which is possible through the usage and implementation of system integration. System integration is one of the most essential parts in running a company website on the net as a business cannot be performed without incorporating the functions between the computers all around the world.

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Therefore, to keep a check on online shopping elements the business websites or more commonly E-commerce sites require the process of system integrations at different levels which deflects in case of some websites. Also the back-end function integration and availability provides the customers with many benefits of easy shopping. So, to investigate the role and purpose of website in helping the customers via this technology this paper would compare the differences of real internet sites examples i.e. and Amazon is an e-business site which sells different products to its customers and has a large number of products for its consumers while, Aquarelle is the French based website of flowers and bouquets which is too providing its customers with different varieties of flowers internationally (Wood & Brinck, 2001).

So, the paper would describe the usability analysis, ease and accessibility of both the websites through a customer’s point of view.


            The usability study of something is the evaluation or the tests that prove out certain facts about the organization, company, E-commerce website or a product which the customers or the consumers have regarding them. So, this is a kind of help that is given to the company or the product designing departments so that if the perspective is negative about a certain criteria or a product that can be pointed out and corrected so that businesses and the E-commerce websites might work on the improvement (Nielsen & Loranger, 2006).

The term usability when used in commerce or business has different range of meanings which are usually based on what the customers require in a certain product and what new innovated thing they would like to see in the market. Therefore, the word usability consist of some different describable terms which include the convenience, searching, modification, and user-friendliness while in case of web based business or E-commerce websites the speed of internet and the data download speed is very essential for the users to give positive response (Wood & Brinck, 2001).


            In case of websites and E-commence industry this expression describes the handiness and accessibility of the data or the information and the products that the users are looking for, as the availability of the consume product or anything which the user demands would make that website a better priority for others as it would be more convenient to shop from it, while anything which might not be present can also be mentioned so that the user might not waste his or her time in searching for a non available merchandise (Nielsen & Loranger, 2006).

   has a demand higher in case of convenience because it has given positive results in the usability study as it shows no inaccuracy in searching and providing the results while also shows convenient positive results in accessing the site and presenting the outcomes however when it comes to signing in the customer it creates problems because of the filing of the orders. So it does not depend upon the place or the location the user access the website, but the convenience is greatly available (Schepp & Schepp, 2009).


            If the searching options and searching results of a website are better than the others then people or the consumers really admire logging onto it, so it is quite essential that a user should stick to the website due to the better searching options and rapid results. The searching options is supposed to be at a location that the user might not have to look for it but can easily access it and perform the certain search. So in business websites these searching options provide a great deal of help in providing the customers with the source or the product they are looking for which eventually helps in the E-commerce industry prospering even more.

            The website of is designed to meet all the requirements and their navigation setup or framework is built in a perfect way. is a very big website with substantial merchandises and selections but it has made available an easy and small searching panel on the left so that consumers do not get puzzled when they log onto it for the first time. It then provides the user with more ease as it has a more detailed searching bar which categorize the type of product or the consumer item the user is searching for which locates the user the exact thing he or she is looking for (Schepp & Schepp, 2009).

   has a simple searching bar or option which allows the user o easily search for the item they want however the list of product and merchandise searching options is quite tiny which makes it camouflaged in other options thus, the customer gets a bit lost in its search (Wood & Brinck, 2001).


            The option of modification of certain pages of the websites improve he quality and at the same time impresses the user as it develops a bond of connection and increases the experience of the consumer. This option of modification or personalization in makes it very popular among the users as they have the chance to get a much modified web page with features like recommended and latest items, updates and tracking of the users so that if any confusion or problem occurs they might be able to access them. While offers restricted modifications for the users as they only offer certain registration number to keep the record and the track of the customers shopping and delivery condition which to a certain extent are quite limited when compared with (Schepp & Schepp, 2009).

Loading of Webpage:

            Websites which contain quite heavy amount of images or graphical designing usually require time in loading the webpage while incase of customers planning to do some online shopping cannot deal with such thing, therefore the users recommend sites which can load the page fast and at a high speed plus the ones which are simple to improve the downloading speed (Nielsen & Loranger, 2006).

   is a simple and light graphical website with images of certain latest products and he ones recommended for the users so, it doesn’t take a lot of time in loading up the content hence increasing the speed of loading the webpage and same is with as they have also made the site simple to enhance the speed of loading. However, this also depends upon the internet speed of the customer as slow connections would slow down the loading even if the page is simple (Schepp & Schepp, 2009).

Ease of Use:

            This term can be described as the simplicity and no difficulty in using the website, as in the features of the website making it simple enough to use and get benefit or it can be described as apparent convenience of the website. The point of view of customers can provide the better results as they know how that through which feature the E- commerce website is useful (Nielsen & Loranger, 2006).

   has different useful qualities which makes it easier in usage, it includes the easy and less heavy content which loads the page very fast thus saving time, the availability of the personalization of account and the webpage through which the user or the customer gets even better experience of shopping online, the searching and the browsing of the required thing immediately and the facility to order and shop even when travelling. So offers quite many useful features for user’s ease (Schepp & Schepp, 2009).

   also offers features for its customers which include the multilingual feature of either using French or English, easy searching and browsing for the respective flower product, registration numbers makes it easy to order however the exact position of delivery is required which cause hindrance incase of travel and same is with international order as they need pin code for the delivery access (Wood & Brinck, 2001).

            So, both sites feature better options for the benefits of customers.

Back-end Integration:

            The reasons due to which the sites provide quite a lot of benefits to the customers are due the Back-end Integration which is the controlling of different functions through incorporating them with respect to their use. This is also controlled by dual corporation systems, one which combine the internal functions and the second which searches and joins the information with the E-commerce chain partners of liberation channel. The whole combination of external and internal features makes it possible to provide easy and even online shopping (Nielsen & Loranger, 2006).

Back-end Integration at

            Through various searching and shopping practice it can be seen that the has got a real tough and strong back-end integration system which keeps the website running with out problem and doesn’t bother the customers through any means. Some of the most useful and required functions that are in control of the back-end integration comprises of the account forming and the registration process, the selection of the accurate product for the customer by the site, the privacy of the account of the user, process of the order made by the user and the accomplishment of the order as per the demand, billing and payment method and last but not the least the transportation and arrival of the product to the specific location and place. So proves its worth in having one of the most strong back-end integration supports, although complex, making its E-commerce structure one of the most reliable across the globe as it offers one account for a user to use any where in the world (Schepp & Schepp, 2009).

Back-end Integration at

            The back-end integration support of is same as when it comes to the point of internal and external levels and having many integrals for system support but as merchandises are restricted so its is not as much strong as Amazon’s. As per the external assimilating is concern makes it necessary in order to comprehend E-commerce on the website plus it recognizes different debit and credit cards for billing methods but it is understood that it has a good back-end integration although not strong and complex like (Wood & Brinck, 2001).


            Therefore for the prosperity of an E-commerce business the corporation should keep in mind the demands of the customers and the feedback given by them so that if any updates or the modifications are required it can be done easily and customer may not feel bored through the usage of site. Also, the back-end integration system of a website in E-commerce is quite essential to keep it running smooth and without any hindrances plus the webpage requirement in searching, usability and easiness is necessary because through these features this paper has concluded that has got more reliability and usability as compared to the while in case of  integration and interoperability it can be judged that both sites have strong internal and external levels however Amazon’s back-end integration is strong and complex than Aquarelle due to more products and Aquarelle follows uncomplicated back-end integration.


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