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Internet Weapon Open Upon Clicking the Internet Explorer Icon

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Upon observation that the lights do not turn on when the light switch is turned to the “on” position, and also using the natural light coming in through the open front door, I observe the light switch is intact and nothing is out of place. I realize further research is necessary to determine the cause of the lights remaining off. This is an everyday situation perfect for the scientific method so after observation, it is on to the next step which is research.

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Internet Weapon Open Upon Clicking the Internet Explorer Icon
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Step 2: Research Why aren’t the lights coming on? Part of the research in this step involves going o the lamp on the side table in the hallway and attempting to turn it on as well as turning another light switch on to see if the lights will come on via either of these options. However, the lights remain off. So it is on to the next step – hypothesis. Step 3: Hypothesis It is my theory that the lights are out in my apartment because the switch for the lights in the front portion of the apartment in the breaker box has been tripped to the “off’ position.

I need to test this hypothesis to see if it is true or false and I predict that my hypothesis will be true. The next step is experimentation. Step 4: Experimentation After feeling my way along the wall to the kitchen and locating the drawer with my tools, I open the drawer, feel for the flashlight, grab it and turn it on. Next, must turn the first light switch to the “on” position and then proceed to the breaker box in the laundry room. I open the breaker box door and locate the switch for hall lights and I can see that the switch is in the “off’ position. I turn it on and the lights come on in the hall.

Step 5: Conclusion Since the experiment proved the hypothesis to be true and the lights did indeed turn on once the breaker switch was turned on, no further experimentation deeds to be done and no further revision of the hypothesis is needed. Therefore, the answer to the question “why aren’t the lights coming on? ” is that the switch in the breaker box was in the “off’ position. Scenario 2 After dinner and getting my son settled for bed, I get myself ready to log into the Kaplan website to post to the discussion boards. I power on my desktop computer and after waiting for it to boot up, I click on the internet icon.

Instead of my internet homepage, there is an error message that the weapon could not open. Do not panic! Do not throw the computer out the window. Instead, I main calm and consult the scientific method. I remember the steps and begin. The weapon did not open upon clicking the internet icon. Closing and reopening a new window did not work either. A little more investigative work is needed to help determine a theory as to why an internet weapon is not opening on my desktop. So, a researcher I will be. Step 2: Research Closing and reopening a new window did not work either.

I look at the back of the computer and the power outlet and all the cords are plugged in and seem to be in their proper slots. I realize further research is necessary to determine he cause of the weapon failing to open. I check the network connections in the control panel menu of the computer and all connections are connected. The lights on the modem are blinking when they should be solidly lit. I am ready to state a hypothesis. Step 3: Hypothesis It is my theory that if an internet weapon will not open upon clicking the internet explorer icon, then it is because the modem is offline.

The next step is experimentation. Step 4: Experimentation Powering the modem off and back on could prompt the modem to return to online status. However, the modem remains offline so I conclude that it is not he modem that is the problem. I have to revise my hypothesis and develop a new experiment. Revised Hypothesis: An internet weapon will not open upon clicking the internet explorer icon because my internet service is unavailable. Revised Experiment: I contact Technical Support for my internet service provider and was informed that there is an internet outage in my area. Therefore, I can conclude my experiment.

Step 5: Conclusion A weapon would not open upon clicking the internet explorer icon because my internet service was unavailable due to an outage in my area. Have to pack up y books and laptop and go to the library to get online and finish my glasswork and discussion board posts. PART II: WHY CANNOT LIVE WITH/WITHOUT SCIENCE f you were to ask three people what they defined as science, each may give you a different answer. One may mention chemicals and solutions, the second may mention technology and the current advances, and the third may mention biology and the study of life.

Each one is different but they are all correct. There are many aspects to science from biological, chemical and physical to geological, social and astronomical and that is not all of them. Science is all around us ND in everything. It is the method in which we use to measure and evaluate our environment and surroundings (Trefoil, peg. 4). In my environment, my little piece of this world, I have my son, an apartment and a vehicle, just to name a few. Biological and medical science has taught doctors how to care for women during pregnancy and labor and delivery.

Through these facets, I have my son. That is one impact. Physics and chemistry were combined in ways to make cement, plaster, shoetrees, roofing and windows. These elements strategically placed together create homes in which we depend on as shelter. My apartment s the current home for me and my son so there is a second impact. Mechanics, engineering, chemistry and physics are all involved in the invention of the automobile which we depend on daily to transport us from home to work and back home and on to other activities and hot spots that we enjoy.

I have a reliable vehicle so there is the third impact of science on my life. There is a fourth impact and it is one that has made it possible for me to live today and hope for tomorrow. Pathology, the study of disease, the causes, processes, development and consequences touched my life in a way that brought me to y knees. It was January 2010 and I finally decided to have a persistent cough checked out at the urgent care clinic. I fully expected the doctor to tell me I had developed pneumonia from the three previous bouts of strep throat and influenza just two months prior.

To my dismay and shock, I was told a mass was seen next to my lung pressing up on the airway causing the cough and also protruding against my aorta, I was being admitted for surgery and lastly told to call some friends for support. Two days later, after a surgical biopsy had been performed, I was given the diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma. A few weeks eater chemotherapy and radiation treatments began. I finished all treatments by August 18, 2010 and have been given a clean bill of health.

SSL recalled that season in my life and where I am now, I could not help but question the invention and origins of the methods of treatment used to fight cancer. Who discovered chemotherapy? When was it discovered? How has it evolved and improved since its inception as a mode of cancer treatment? And how does it work to destroy cancer? Two scientists, Louis S. Goodman and Alfred Gillian, are credited with the discovery that mustard gas used in World War II was found to oppress certain cells in the body which soon led to scientists to using nitrogen mustard to suppress the division of malignant cells in lymphomas (History).

Since its discovery and use in the original form of a gas, science has improved chemotherapy in ways such as liquid form for intravenous injection and pill form for oral intake. Also, there are now many types of chemotherapy drugs, each specific as to how they destroy malignant cells and which types of malignancy respond best to the drug. It is not just medical science that has impacted my life but also cosmetology and aesthetics as well. During and after treatment, my kin and hair changed and it was a different line of makeup and hair products that have helped me to regain confidence in my physical appearance.

These products had to be of benefit for the issues I was facing from chemotherapy and radiation and thankfully, scientists listened to the needs of the population and sought after solutions. Before Hodgkin lymphoma, my day began by an alarm clock buzzing, a shower, preparing breakfast, styling my hair and applying makeup, and getting dressed. Once out the door, got in my car, turned the ignition to start the car, dropped my son off at school and headed to my job. Some days I would stop for gas and maybe a coffee. At work, I used a computer to transmit emails, upload documents to an external website, word processing.

Some phone calls were made both outgoing and incoming. At the end of the day, it was back to my car to head home. I would pick my son up from the aftershock sitter and make airway home. While he was doing homework, I was preparing dinner. After dinner and homework was completed, some nights we would watch a show from the DVD, while other nights we would play with his Logos, building elaborate sets. Since completing treatment, my day is pretty much the amen with the addition of online classes which I now take and the addition of a medication regimen that I adhere to in the evenings.

This medication is to tend to a side effect from the radiation I received which I will manage for the rest of my life. There are several aspects of science that interplay in my daily routine and activities including biology, chemistry, microbiology, pathology, automotive, electrical, social and physical. There are not any negative impacts of science is my life, really. Sure, I endured side effects from chemotherapy which were minor and resolved very shortly after its completion. And radiation to my chest has caused my thyroid to work less efficiently than before and I will manage these side effects for the remainder of my life.

But in the grand scheme of my life, I do not see this as a negative as I am thankful for the science that enabled my body to conquer lymphoma. For all the reasons I mentioned above, I do not believe, nor do I want to fathom a life without science. Science is in everything we do, use, eat, wear, drive, listen to, watch, and communicate. Without the curious minds of scientists and those who strove to ‘push the envelope’, we might be demoted as far back as the stone age, living in caves. , that may be extreme, but in all seriousness, we certainly would not be as advanced as we are and you would not have the pleasure of reading a ‘paper’ that I typed on my laptop and uploaded via the internet.

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Internet Weapon Open Upon Clicking the Internet Explorer Icon. (2018, Jul 04). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/internet-weapon-open-upon-clicking-the-internet-explorer-icon/

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