Interoffice memorandum Essay - Part 3

This memo discusses the suggested plan of action to manage and maintain Information Technology (IT) assets including network and software - Interoffice memorandum Essay introduction. It describes the manual and automated methods for tracking IT assets. It also describes top priority network parameters to monitor on a daily bases. This memo also presents the regulatory actions to be executed to control software purchasing and installation on company computers.

Asset tracking
Two methods are suggested one manual and the other automated to account for and track all hardware and software IT equipment within the company. This is in addition to the setup of maintenance requirements and recording to company’s IT equipment.  Both methods start with the creation of an inventory lists with specification to each equipment specification and identification labels.
Manual Asset Tracking
Manual asset tacking involves the establishment of IT inventory logs. The log would contain equipment nomenclature, identifying serial numbers, location and operator. Hardware and software logs would be assigned to IT technicians to maintain periodically. IT Department Manager would be responsible for the supervision of log keeping and signature.

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Automated Asset Tracking
Automated asset would involve the establishment of a database system. The database would include the records of all IT equipment within the company. The database would allow only authorized data entry and administration. The database would generate alarm indicators in case specific predefined inconsistencies are encountered. The database system would generate different inventory reports in addition to inspection due dates on company IT equipment.

Network Monitoring
The company network would be monitored on a daily bases for viruses, malicious software and unauthorized access. Network traffic would also be monitored on daily bases as to identify data flow within the network and better setup for speed and reliability. Daily network maintenance would require switching to backup servers and routers and clearing different network buffers to ensure speed of network transmission.


A major list of all software purchased by the company would be created with authorized number of computers for each software license.

Operating systems of all computers would be reinstalled according to a yearly plan as to ensure proper keys and authorization on each computer. An administrator account would be created on each computer in addition to a number of limited users accounts based on computer operators. Licensed software would then be installed according to license. A log would be created for each computer as to record software installed while specifying its license keys, in addition to authorized users and maintenance actions.

Periodic inspections would be executed by IT technicians as to ensure compliance of computer systems with their logs and other IT department regulations.

Company departments would send any IT problems, requirements or requests for new or modifications to IT Department Manager who will process each department requirement with regards to company general directions, policy and regulations.

This memo presents a suggested plan for the management and maintenance of IT equipment. It proposes two asset tracking methods: one automated and the other manual. The automated method involves the usage of a database system while the manual method involves the use of logs and records. The memo suggests the monitoring of viruses and network bandwidth usage as the two highest-priority network parameters to be monitored on a daily bases.

Management of Software licensing is also suggested by the creation of a list of licensed software in addition to the manipulation of computer logs with software installed on each computer. The log would include authorized administrators and limited users on each computer.

Future Action
The suggested IT management and maintenance plan is submitted to company CEO for review and acceptance. Upon acceptance by CEO, the plan would be entered in company regulations as to be executed by all company employees.



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