Examples Of Interpersonal Communication Essay

A transactional model of interpersonal communication can be defined by saying people are associated through communication and each person involved plays a specific part in that communication. Each of these people who play a part in the communication are affected through the communication. “The transactional model recognizes that noise is present throughout interpersonal communication. ” Most conversations follow this model of interpersonal communication.

The transactional model does not claim that one person falls under the category “send; or “receiver” but that tot people can be considered “communicators” and that both members of the conversation play equal roles in communicating.

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Examples Of Interpersonal Communication
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For example, while one person may be speaking verbally the other could be speaking non-verbally. Because communicators affect each other (Retells, 2004), interpersonal communication involves ethical responsibilities. Whether a person is speaking verbally or non- verbally the conversation can make the other person feel better.

The conversation between the two women displays the transactional model in multiple ways in the way they speak as well as through their actions.

Both women go back and forth playing the roles of the “sender” and “receiver”. The women both send negative signals with not only their verbal but also their non-verbal actions. The women both spend the majority of the conversation using condescending tones but hope has many rude actions by not giving Susann her full-undivided attention but contain uses walking around completing tasks.

The women clearly are confused about the intentions of the other. After the women begin to listen to each other and really hear what the other one has to say, they are able to really open up the nines of communication. Once their verbal lines of communication are open their non-verbal lines of communication appear to become more open as well. The end of the clip shows Susann getting into Hope’s tub and Susann giving her a towel and the chance to find relaxation and peace of mind in her warm tub.

Susann spent some of the time complaining about the lack of hot water at her house, therefore, we can see that Hope listened to Susann and wanted to help her feel better not worst. I believe that there were more than three principles that could relate to Hope and Sunhat’s conversation. I chose three that I thought were best related to their conversation. The three that I chose are People construct meanings in interpersonal communication, intercommunication affect meanings, and Interpersonal communication develops and sustains relationships.

The reason chose these three is because these three seem to be the three that most relate to the whole clip about Hope and Susann. I chose people construct meanings in interpersonal communications because it speaks about how communication does not lie, especially non-verbal communication. It speaks about how people in conversations interpret communication. In interpersonal communication people are constantly interpreting each other. This is true in the case of Hope and Susann because they both spoke about how they felt the other was judging them when in reality neither woman was truly judging the other.

Both women were interpreting the others actions. I chose intercommunication because it literally breaks down to mean communication about communication. The actions that both women portrayed towards the other allowed the other woman to feel a certain type of way about each other. Intercommunication can be verbal or non- verbal. After the woman spoke rudely to each other hey wound up making up and learning to communicate better with each other.

Interpersonal communication develops and sustains relationships was the last of the three that I chose. The reason I chose this one was because at the end of the clip we can see the two women seem to grow in their relationship by Hope allowing Susann to take a bath in her tub. Their relationship grew from the beginning of the clip since it appears that Hope was truly understanding of Sunhat’s need for a warm hot bath. By using the tools of communication the woman were able to restore a relationship and hopefully build a friendship.

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