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Explain The Principles Of And Barriers To Effective Interpersonal Communications

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    Balance trust, and understanding are things that are needed to create a happy and long lasting healthy relationship. Explain the principles and misconceptions in effective interpersonal communications. In interpersonal relationships is communications, between two or more people. “The capacity to form and develop healthy interpersonal relationships with others is fundamental for human development” (Pat, 2013). This communication allows individuals to share who they are with others. “No form of communication is simple. Because of the number of variables involved, even simple requests are extremely complex” (King, 2000).

    The principles of interpersonal miscommunication are inescapable, irreversible, complicated, and contextual. There are verbal communication practices and non verbal communication practices. Sometimes we are unaware that we are communicating with others with even speaking. We tend to communicate with words, symbols, gestures, etc. “Research shows that your ability to interact well with other people if you can exercise control of your behavior” (Sole, 2011). Misconceptions in interpersonal communication can come from our own prejudging of the people and things that surround us.

    We tend to look at things in our own way and interpret them in the way that we want to. This is not a good trait to practice. Instead of assuming things a person should simply ask and speak up about what they do not understand. This way you are not left confused or wondering about the subject. “Communication involves conscious choices and unconscious influences” (Sole, 201 1). Conscious and unconscious choices play a major role in our lives. This is especially so when things are second nature to us. Identify the barriers to effective interpersonal interactions.

    In interpersonal relationships it requires two people to work together to achieve success in their relationship. This requires talking out problems with one another, and also listening and trying to understand each other instead of replying right away without first understanding the other person’s point of view. “Problems often OCCUr in relationships when one person tries to assume authority over the other person in a relationship that has been on an equal footing” (Sole, 2011 This communication is not always achieved in the beginning stages of marriages. Divorce commonly occurs in the wake of low levels of satisfaction, highly satisfying marriages are also vulnerable to dissolution” (Leaver, & Bradbury, 2012). In some instances certain forms of communication has to be learned. People seem to not understand that marriages are not always happy and fun filled. “Most people tend to think that they perceive the world as it really is; however the truth is that they perceive only a small portion of what they encounter in the outside environment” (Sole, 201 1). It is okay to have a disagreement with your spouse.

    It can even be healthy to do so, from time to time. What is unhealthy is always agreeing with things that you do not totally agree with or are not comfortable with. “Unexpressed feelings accumulate over time and you have a tendency to dump them on someone all at one time”( Sole, 2011). In communication where one person is always agreeing with their spouse to make them feel at ease, when they do not totally agree can cause spouses to become resentful and create an unhealthy medium in their marriage. This is why it is good to communicate and try to stay on the same page with each other interpersonally.

    Describe the process by which self concept is developed and maintained. “The capacity to control your emotions, urges, and desires has been shown to result in healthier intimate relationships because you are willing and able to sacrifice your own needs, at times, for the infinite of your partner and the relationship” (Sole, 2011 In a marriage your needs do not always come first. You have to work as a team, and sometimes that means taking extra care of your spouse in their time of need. Self concept is developed by the way that a person views their self. It does not matter how others on the outside truly view them.

    If a person does not think that they are attractive, or are not satisfied with who they are as a whole they tend to think that others see them in the same way. “Your identity is a consistent set of attitudes that defines who you are. It is your subjective self- mage, what you tell yourself, that psychologist sometimes call a self-schema” (Sole, 2011). It is not always true that others think you are unattractive just because you may think so. You may think that you are unappealing, but your spouse may think that you are the most beautiful and flawless individual that has ever walked the earth.

    This is maintained by the way that a person carries themselves. Beauty is not always what is on the outside either. You should not live to please others. Instead you should make yourself happy first. That is the best way to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. It also has to do with the way that a person is viewed by their peers. “You construct your sense of self through communication with yourself, and with others by what you tell yourself and what others tell you about yourself” (Sole, 2011). Recognize how words have the power to create and affect attitudes, behavior, and perception.

    Words are used to express how a person is feeling, and to represent other things. “Words are not things, they are simply symbols and symbols do not have the same meaning to everyone” (Sole, 201 1). When someone is speaking it is very easy for another person to take what they are eying and interpret it in a different way than what was meant. This is why you should not assume and be sure to get a clear understanding of what is going on. Misunderstandings can cause arguments due to someone’s viewpoint being unclear.

    Things as simple as misunderstandings can be detrimental to relationships. It is Very easy to become upset and angry about something that your spouse has said if you are unaware of what they actually mean. “One of the most neglected interpersonal communication skills, and a core competence we must master to be an effective communicator, is listening. You cannot understand others, respond appropriately to what they say, and provide helpful feedback if you have not listened” (Sole, 2011). Tempers tend to fly and can cause built up frustrations to overflow.

    This is the point where communication should come into play. Newly married couples tend to like to tip toe around certain issue that they feel will cause an argument with their spouse. “Diverse theoretical accounts acknowledge communication as an important factor in couples relationships, both as a means of building intimacy and support that maintain relationships and as a teeth of resolving relationship conflicts” (Leaver & Bradbury, 2012). Couples do not always have to agree on the same things. Am not advising to start an argument just for the sake of it.

    It is okay though to have your own opinion and viewpoint on certain issues that your partner does not agree with. Understand how perceptions, emotions, and nonverbal expression affect interpersonal relationships. “Arguably the simplest explanation for why a marriage dissolves is that one or both spouses become increasingly dissatisfied, diminishing the quality of couples interaction and prompting a preparation or divorce in turn” (Speeches, Carney, & Bradbury, 2012). Nonverbal communication hurts relationships in a number of ways.

    When there is no communication people tend to create their own idea of what the problem is. “Partners’ evaluations of marriage might be compromised by stress outside the marriage, either in the form Of acute events or ongoing chronic demands” (Leaver & Bradbury, 2012). This evaluation can be wrong and cause unnecessary issues. There should never be an issue to big or too small to discuss with one another. When an issue is verbalized and fully explained hen there should not be any confusion for the other person. “Saving or storing up feelings such as anger or resentment is not helpful to a relationship” (Sole, 2011).

    The simplest way to create a healthy marriage is to have an open line of communication with your spouse. If you cannot communicate with your spouse openly, then there needs to be some form of evaluation taking place to fix this issue. A couple should be able to openly discuss anything that is bothering them with their spouse.

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