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Intro to Evidence Based Practice Nursing

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Research is:
Formal, rigorous process to discover new knowledge or validate/refine existing knowledge Gathering of data, information, and facts for the advancement of knowledge Type of systematic activity (set of planned activities)

Systematic process of investigation
Formalized method(s) of obtaining information (data/knowledge) Nursing research is a systematic inquiry designed to develop new knowledge or validate/refine existing knowledge about issues related to nursing (e.g., provision of patient care; administration of nursing and health care services)

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Intro to Evidence Based Practice Nursing
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Nursing Science:
Body of knowledge unique to the discipline of nursing
Scientific method is an approach to gaining new knowledge from a systematic collection of empirical data

What is the importance of research in nursing?
Nurses are responsible for assuming an active role in developing the body of nursing knowledge Nurses are expected to adopt an evidence-based practice (EPB) – defined as the use of best clinical evidence in making patient care decisions EBP is EVERY nurse’s responsibility, whether you are a user (consumer) of nursing research by reading research reports to keep up-to-date or a nurse who designs and conducts research

Evidence Based Practice
EBP is a problem solving approach to clinical practice that integrates the conscientious use of best evidence in combination with a clinician’s expertise as well as patient preferences and values to make decisions about the type of care that is provided.

Resources must be considered in the decision-making process as well.

Significance of EBP

Collection, interpretation, and integration of valid, important, and applicable patient reported and research derived evidence Knowledge obtained from research evidence is transformed into clinical practice, culminating in nursing practice that it evidence-based Allows nurses to use the best research evidence in making clinical decisions

Chapter Two – Fain Textbook

Research Process
Selecting/ defining the problem
Must be significant to nursing
Add to body of existing knowledge
Problem areas from practice
Review of literature provides background, rationale, and justification for study Develop research questions/hypotheses
Selecting a research design
Overall plan or structure for planning to answer research questions and/or test hypotheses Identify methods for selecting the sample, testing, and measurement Methods
Data collection
Organizing data for analysis
Data Analysis
Analyzing and interpreting results; arriving at conclusion
Utilizing the Research
Sharing the findings with colleagues

Types of research
Qualitative data:
information collected in a narrative form such as transcript of an unstructured interview Quantitative data:
organization and interpretation of narrative data with purpose of discovering important underlying themes, categories, patterns and relationships

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