Introduction of New Service Memo - Service Essay Example

Introduction of New Service Memo

Subject: The objectives and advantages of introducing a new service.


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This memo will present the outcomes my investigation on introducing a new service at the premises of our organization. It will take into account the aims and objectives of this new services, it benefits, and its patterns and procedures. Based on my investigations and a comparative analysis of this service at various other organizations, I will recommend that we should put this service into practice on trial bases in order to judge its potentials.

Advantages of this new service:

This new service will facilitate our disabled and handicapped colleagues. The greatest advantage of this service is that it will increase their productivity and performance. A literature review of various organizational research publications clearly manifest that facilitation of staff always paves way for enhanced performance and augments staff’s loyalty toward their organization. It not only gives them a sense of privileged and security but also inculcate a spirit to work more efficiently toward the collective good of the company.

Furthermore, introduction of this new service will enable to achieve a higher level of Equal Opportunities and Diversity Framework. I want to highlight that adherence to this framework is mandatory as mentioned by head office.

How this service will work:

A new service raises questions about the feasibility and implementation that service. I must emphasize that service will work with minimum interruption to the current set-up. We need to fix up our premises according to the requirement of the disabled. Their workstations will be modified in way to give them less-movement and more execution of work. Each member of the staff will trained to help their disabled colleague without disruption to his own work. As far the cost is involved, my research shows that it will not cost more as we usually refurbish our building annually.

Can it happen easily?

We have team of very talented individual who work in every condition. It will only take a week that they have to sacrifice (to which they are habitual and keen to) their usual routine and have to work from their homes. I look forward to discuss this with you in detail.


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