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Inventory Management System Abstract

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Monika Warhead Branch: Computer Hemi Monochromatic: IT Project Title Inventory Management System Abstract Problem Definition Old System The Old system is currently people managing their work manually on their own device in the format of excel sheets. Disadvantage of Old System Proposed new system The disadvantages of the old system currently in place are User needs to maintain the excel sheets by themselves, which causes human errors like redundancies. Time consuming. It is very tedious. All information is placed separately on each user’s device.

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Inventory Management System Abstract
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Information integration is not there. The information is not shared. Data loss / unwanted Data edition is there. Proposed New System (The new system will consist of different modules. The Data which is stored right now in a single users PC , can be shared by the other users Only the authorized user can edit the documents while all the other users are only allowed to view the details available. ) (yeah liking Ana Fay ) Advantages of New System It has database connectivity.

The information can be shared easily.

Managing the records becomes easier No arteriosclerosis’s can be easily made ( as in Koki b cheek search karri ho to Leila Kara state ha.. liking Ana AAA ) Data Integration is achieves way to track all Inventory Management System Abstract By Advances-pariah dickhead ha Ana Adkins Saab set Kara state Hanna.. Vow.. ) Objective of New System To create a better and efficient way to manage all the inventory needs of the company , which include hardware assignments , etc.. (copy paste Kara Deana ) Modules The modules would be

Employee data Log In Authorization (password protection n all ) Hardware Assignment S/w Details Office Supplies Office Equipment Consumables The functionalities would be (a checkbook for all the users provided to the adman so that he can tick them and give their required functionalities to a specific user) Read only Read and edit only Invisible Add Edit Assign Unassigned Technologies to be used Operating System

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