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Invest in Public Transport

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In the modern life, the number of transport has been increasing quickly is an important to cause to lead that transport pollution has been becoming serious. And it can bring many unpredictable impacts to humankind and ecosystem. So, many people think that if the governments want to less transport, they need invest and have reduction of price in public transport. Personally, I strongly agree this statement for some following reason. First of all, the amount of transport will decrease when the government invests in public transport according a reasonable way.

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Invest in Public Transport
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Losing the number of transport means to reduce the amount of air pollutant because transport is a main cause to lead the pollution. Although the new series of transport with close control will eliminate a few air pollutants, traffic is still a serious pollution source with particulate pollution. Particulate pollution becomes a big issue when having many transports join a low- quality traffic system. So when the government has not enough money to improve traffic system, they should spend money in public transport to less the particulate pollution.

Another point is that, having many public transports with acceptable price on the road, many people can choose them instead of their old motorbike. The idea leads to fall the amount of pollutants which are emitted by low-quality motorbike. Basically, People want to go to study or work by public transport such as bus, subway… because it prevents them from transport accident as well as pollution. So, spending the amount of money in order to improve a convenience public transport system leads to fall dramatically the number of polluted source.

The last but not least, improving the public transport system will help government control easily polluted source. Nowadays, it is very difficult for the government to control quality of individual transport. And it will become easily when public transport plays a important role in traffic system. The government ready give up low-quality transport or invest to upgrade quality in order to reduce pollution. In conclusion, I believe that when the public transport become a convenience facility, the amount of pollutant will decrease rapidly And the convenience will appear when the government invest in quantity and price of public transport.

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Invest in Public Transport. (2017, Mar 15). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/invest-in-public-transport/

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