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Invisible Pedestrian

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Annoncer: Late night…and you wanna go out walking. Well there’s a problem, there are drunk drivers out on the loose and you are in plain view. They will be aiming right for you! What can you do??? Just buy this amazing new product. It’s sheen, sleek design is the product of German Engineering and American fashion. It’s the INVISIBLE PEDESTRIAN! Now those pesky drunks and even other drivers can’t see you when your strolling though the streets of Delight!Testimonial1: After a short delay I recieved my invisble pedestrain in the mail, I couldn’t wait to try it out…let me tell you, it works! I got hit by a thundering motorcycle, so I sued him and won!Annoncer: I mean look at how amazingly sharp you look in this absolutely stunning garment!Testimonial2: Hi I am Bob Barker.

Before I discovered the Invisible Pedetrian, I could never go into public with my fame. Now that I have it I can go running around anytime I want.

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Invisible Pedestrian
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And this is the right price, too!Annoncer: How much do you think this would cost…49.95…69.95…99.95? Nope it’s just three easy payments of $39.95! But get this if act now you can recieve this free egg peeler! That’s right how many times have you been caught trying to peel a raw egg, probably alot. And you get it free with this state of the art purchase. Act now!Testimonial 4: I just loved the idea of a invisible person was hokey, boy was I wrong. One of my friends got it and with his success i thought I’d get one too. Now mw and my friends go out everynight and have gotten into the best shapes of our lives! Thank you invisible pedestrian!Annoncer: See the amazing change in your life with invisible pedestrian. Act now and not only do you get the the Egg-o-nater egg peeler! But now if you call now you get a second Invisble Pedestrain absolutley free! Call the number at the bottom of the screen. It’s 1-800-rippoff, that’s 1-800-747-7633! WARNING: Not for use with : children, pets, pregnant women, old people (except Bob Barker), Julia Child, Ronald McDonald, and Richard Simmons. Call now!Bibliography:None

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Invisible Pedestrian. (2019, Jan 26). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/invisible-pedestrian/

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