Ira Hayes Essay

Ira Hayes went to war because he felt it was his duty because he was a man - Ira Hayes Essay introduction. He also went because of patriotism, love for his community and the love for his country. By the time he went to Iwo Jima he was not only fighting for his country but for his brothers… the Marines he served with. When Ira came back from the battle of Bougainvillea Island near Australia he was a change man. He was a change man because he had that marines sensibility and their disciplines. Hayes was tougher, stronger not the boy he had been.

When Ira went back to the war he went to Iwo Jima, while he was there he watched his brothers get killed, but that didn’t stop him; it encouraged him to fight harder. This led him and five of his brothers to reach the the top of Mt. Surabachi to rise the flag. By raising the flag it gave his brothers down below the hope to keep fighting. The flag rising also became a symbol for the country because of the picture that they had taken. That picture that Joe Rosenthao took changed Ira and his brothers forever because it made Ira and his brothers into celebrities when they came home. Ira Hayes didn’t like being told he was a hero.

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He believed the hero’s were his brothers that died and the ones who fought in the war. In the end, when he came home, after everyone called Ira Hayes a hero and celebrity, he said “I’m not a hero the heroes are the ones still fighting in the war and the ones who died”. What changed Americans view of him is that he became a drunk and died in such a sad way… a stereotypical view . What led to his depression was there was no help in those days. Times have changed how people see Ira; we now see him as a real hero because he didn’t just fright for his community and country but, out of respect for his brothers.

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