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Is Business Bluffing Ethical

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In the business world, basic obligations are not defame competitors, not flam customers. But the duty theory base morality on specific, foundational principles of obligation. People should concern duties towards others. As we know, the most important rule for businessmen is to get profit minimization. Based on the duty theory, businessmen should think more about others’ profit when they are trying to achieve this goal. The duty theory divides these between absolute duties, which are universally binding on people. The absolute duties are of three sorts: avoid wronging there, treat people as equals, and promote the good of others.

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Is Business Bluffing Ethical
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Therefore, it is reasonable for businessmen to seek profit as long as they do not ignore others’ profits. Any types of business bluffing will hurt other people’s benefits, so that it is not ethical. Secondly, it is very common for us to determine our moral responsibility by weighing the consequences of our actions. According to the theory of consequential, normative principles require that we first evaluate both the good and bad consequences of an action.

Then, we determine whether the total good consequences outweigh the total bad consequences.

If the good consequences are greater, then the action is morally proper. If the bad consequences are greater, then the action is morally improper. In the business world, we cannot deny that sometimes people need to play tricks to get profit. Such as, advertising a product by using overstatement or failing to provide all information results mislead customers. These business bluffing could just bring benefit for short term. Customers and partners will find out the truth someday in the future. The businessmen should give up little benefit, do not pretend to be ruthless, cruel, harsh, or treacherous.

On the monetary, he or she should get better reputation for integrity, honesty, and decency, then he or she can get a long term benefit. The bad consequences of business bluffing are much greater than the good consequences; therefore, business bluffing is unethical. Moreover, according to the theory of corruption, if group members are under pressure not to express arguments against any of the group’s views, then there is a reasonable chance that corruption will happen. When pressures for unanimity seem overwhelming, members are less motivated to realistically appraise if the group’s decision satisfy them.

Apply this theory to the business world; if a man wants to get involved in a business, he has to observe the general principles of doing business, including its special ethical outlook. He can then realize that an occasional bluff may well be justified in terms of the business profit. All members in this business group follow these principles, under the pressure of this group, this man apparently will fail to against any of the group’s views. The business bluffing is a general potential rule, and just like a corruption. It is unethical, but almost nobody come out to against it.

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