Is It Necessary to Know the Events of the Past to Understand Those of the Present? Essay

Assignment: Is it necessary to know the events of the past to understand those of the present? - Is It Necessary to Know the Events of the Past to Understand Those of the Present? Essay introduction?? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples take from your reading, studies, experience, and observations.

Everything that has happened now has a link to the past and it is important for us to understand what had happened before to avoid making the same mistake in the future. Sometimes, even if the mistake is repeated, we are able to solve the problem faster than the past and we might be able to avoid the conflict altogether in the future.

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Is It Necessary to Know the Events of the Past to Understand Those of the Present?
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One example is World War Two. World War Two was the result of the problems that occurred after World War One. Most of the countries in Europe were economically and politically unstable and the people were unhappy with the government since they were unable to find jobs after the war was over due to the amount of debt that had accumulated during the war and the soldiers were unable to find employment at home. Most of all, the people of German resented the Treaty of Versailles. Germany was forced to pay reparations, he would not be able to have a military over 100 000 men with no navy or air force, her colonies were taken away and they had to accept the blame for the war which was also known as the War Guilt Clause. Hitler later gained power and started to attack the treaty and go against it. He stopped paying reparation and started building up the army. He soon started taking land and when he attacked Poland, war was declared up Germany but the Allies power. After the world, the Allies realized the war was caused by their desire to punish Germany and the Great Depression that occurred when the stock market crashed in the United States.

Another example is the League of Nations. The League of Nation was created by Wilson in his fourteen- points to preserve peace. More than 40 nations joined the League of Nations and they agreed to talk about their problems instead of using violence. The league was powerless because many nations were afraid of another World War and did not want to use military force. The United State Senate also did not approve the United States entrance to the league so there was no military power. During World War Two, The United Nation was created in San Francisco, but moved to New York after World War Two ended. This time, the United States joined which gave the United Nations the military power they needed to use on another nation if she steps out of the line. Since it was successful, there had not been a World War Three up-to-date, thus, fulfilling the promise of an everlasting peace.

Therefore, we need to understand what had happened in the past to prevent the same mistakes from occurring in the future ever again.

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