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Is Peace Achievable In Our Time?



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    Peace. What is this elusive word that seems to escape us, no matter how hard we struggle to find it? How can it be such a momentous challenge? How can it be a friend to some yet an enemy to others? And why is everyone on earth searching for it? The Encarta dictionaries define peace as “freedom from conflict between people or groups of people” and “the absence of violence or war. ” These statements, however, are furthest away from the truth when describing planet Earth. We are plagued with the diseases of war, genocide, ethnic cleansing, racism, hatred and mass killing of people.

    The land is stained with blood and the air is polluted with animosity. Where is the peace? You can’t find it; the horizon of blackness stretches on, seemingly forever, as if the light has been permanently extinguished… The Zionists control the world. They control the currency we use, what the media portrays, the wars occurring, the film and music industry as well as presidential candidates in many countries. Aside from their main aim of establishing a Jewish state on Palestinian soil, they desire the riches of this world and the power to dominate.

    Originating in the 19th century, it is a worldwide movement and ever since 1948 its function has been to support the state of Israel. But the plot doesn’t end there. Their mission is to control the world by creating a New World Order; control the masses and the media, the natural resources and the finances which all lead to eventually preparing an undefeated army for the Great War to come. And whilst they carry on their operation, we can have no peace on earth. That, unfortunately, is a fact of life | From the moment the first plane crashed into the Twin Towers on September 11 2001, the word peace had ceased to exist.

    Subsequent consequences of this staged event include the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the stranglehold of the middle east and their oil resources, the genocide in African countries and of course the War on Terror. Ever since that day, being a Muslim is difficult and practising Islam became threatening. And that is what they planned. More than the war against the terrorists, it’s simply a war against Islam. Today, every bomb blast is linked to al-Qaeda, middle-eastern war is justified with the name Osama, the burqa is a symbol of trepidation and a eard synonymous with the Taliban… islamaphobia has spread wildly. The illegal state of Israel has expanded rapidly on stolen Palestinian soil and continues to expand its settlement at an alarming rate. The struggle of the Palestinians against the Zionists Jews continues, more than sixty years after the jews entered and created their own rogue state. They stole the Palestinian resources, forcefully ejected them of their land, killed countless of their people, controlled their movement through borders and the Iron Wall and waged war on them.

    But that was not the worst part. They bulldozed their olive trees which to the Palestinians were like bulldozing their own hearts, vandalized musjids and destroyed cemeteries were pious predecessors were buried. And they seized Al-Aqsa. They took control of the third holiest musjid to the Muslims. But that was not the worst part. Convinced that the Temple of Solomon is beneath Al-Aqsa, they began digging underneath the musjid, such that cracks are visible on the aging walls; walls which will one day give rise to a new temple.

    That the state of Israel is illegal matters not, neither that they stole the land and nor that they committed war crimes that which they faced they no charges against. And who is there to charge them? The Zionist control the UN and have total power over influential presidents. Their aim is to create an Israeli state and nothing can or will stand in their way. A full scale war rages in Afghanistan, a full nine years after it is clear that Osama is not there; a good few years since President Obama announced his decision to remove his troops.

    Why is that? American forces are still ominously patrolling the country of Iraq, two years after Saddam was removed and the war should have ended. Why is that? Guantanamo Bay is still is in operation, two years after Barack Obama announced its impending closure. Innocent Muslims are being tortured, subjected to physical and mental brutality, announced to the world as terrorists. Why is that? African countries are economically drained by western countries, which steal their natural resources and create violence and upraising.

    America was so eager to dispose of Saddam for his war crimes, yet they allow Hosni Mubarak to rule for thirty years as a tyrant. Why is that? So many unanswered questions; so much violence and dark horror yet the world around watches in silence. A quick glance around the world and the word peace is the furthest thought from the mind. For us Muslims, a war has been declared against us. And now, more than ever, we need to become united as one strong ummah. But that, sadly, is not the way things go.

    The recent revelation of the Palestine Papers show how the PA led by president Mahmood Abbas and Chief Negotiator Erekat betrayed their own people by accepting bribes and willingly giving major parts of Palestinian land to the jews. Not only did they allow the building of more settlement but also instigated the killing of Hamas military leaders and gave large concessions of the Aqsa mosque. The streets of Egypt are ablaze with riots and violence against their dictator president, who dominated over his own brothers for thirty years.

    Tunisia’s president Ben Ali has been secretly robbing the country of its wealth for many years, and together with his wife fled the country in turmoil. The Saudi royal family are sell outs to the Muslims, forming allies with the Americans, letting them use Saudi land as a base for future attacks and giving them ample access to oil. Presidents of Iraq and Afghanistan have no concern for the people, they are only concerned with earning the approval of the Americans and filling their pockets with more wealth.

    But none of this is really a surprise. For just as Hamid Kharzai and Mahmmod Abbas are puppets to the American government; so too are Barack Obama and David Cameron puppets to the Zionists regime. We shall not have peace in the world: not now when the war against terror is rife, when we have unjust rulers who betray their people, when the hands of the American are in all the oil reserves across the middle east, when there is so much unrest in Africa and when the land of Palestine as well as Aqsa musjid is being stolen forcefully.

    Neither will we have peace in the next century and nor in the one after that. The Zionists are preparing their forces for the great war when the dajjal appears and they will try to kill Isa (AS). They are silently organising their troops, building their temple and creating a new world in which they have total control. And while that occurs we cannot hope to have peace. That is the simple truth. But we Muslims are fortunate… we have a secret weapon that others dare not hope to find. We have the deen of Islam and in having that, we have the light of Allah in our hearts.

    We can achieve the only peace available in the world today: inner peace. We experience the pain, yet we can still have serenity in our hearts. The Zionists regime will continue, but we place our faith in a more powerful Being. And whilst the fire still rages on, it cannot destroy. And though the flames may burn, they cannot consume totally. We may not have the power to extinguish it, but we have the ability to live through it, to survive, to see through the darkness that lies ahead…

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