Is the United States a Melting Pot or a Pluralist Society?

Is the United States a Melting Pot or a Pluralist Society?

            The United States is a Pluralist society because there is no dominant culture, race, political group or ethnicity. Although in the past, the US has been often described as a “melting pot” because of its large number immigrants who integrate adapt themselves into the American culture, it is on longer the case today. At present, while there are still a considerable number of immigrants in the US, the people from different races retain their own cultural characteristics even after moving into the country.

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            Even though in terms of population, the white race still outnumbers the other races such as the Hispanics, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Filipinos, and the Africans, among others, it doesn’t necessarily mean that these cultures and races have fully incorporated themselves into the American culture. The Chinese still follow their ritualistic traditions and superstitions, the Filipinos still uphold their religious beliefs, and other cultures still maintain their national characteristics. In short, the United States is now more of a multi-cultural country and is no longer a melting pot society since its immigrants have chosen to establish their own identities in the country instead of simply blending in and “melting in the pot.” Moreover, the country can now be more likened to a “salad” or a “tomato soup” because even though there are new “ingredients,” which refers to the other cultures and races, they does not in any way compromise the essential characteristics of America and does not alter its identity.

            Furthermore, the US as a pluralist society is best shown in their ongoing presidential election. In the presidential race, Democratic candidate Barack Obama can become the first ever black president in the history of the nation if he wins. Basically, this shows that there is no longer a dominating race or culture in America that can influence or dictate the society. The fact that the country’s highest position can possibly be held by a black man for the first time ever means that America has embraced a multi-cultural society in which other races no longer assimilate themselves into its culture and instead retain their cultural identities.

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