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Issac Newton – Paper

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My report is on Isaac Newton, who is considered one of the most influential mathematicians there ever was. I am going to go over not only the main ideas and theories that he came up with but his life story. Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642, in England on The Wools Thorpe Manor. He was born prematurely and was a small child. His mother said that he was so small he could have fit inside a quart pot. Sir Isaac Newton was born three months after the death of his father.

Newton was not always someone that was looking for knowledge like Albert Einstein, Newton did poorly at school until he reached his upper years and became finally passionate about school. Isaac Newton attended the Free Grammar School in Grantham after moving away from his mother and stepfather who he did not get along with. It was known that he had a hate for his parents in the list of sins that he left behind.

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Issac Newton – Paper
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After doing poorly in school, his mother finally brought him home to manage her finances until his uncle convinced her that he needed to attend a university in order to move ahead in life. This is when Newton finally started to think and opened his mind in which he discovered the ideas and theories that we use today.
Newton did not start to take an interest in mathematics until 1663. Newton threw himself into the teachings of Oughtred’s Clavis Mathematica and Descartes La Geometrie. He studied algebra and geometry based on the teachings of Viete. Continuing to study the books for mathematics, Newton made most of his progress lying at home away from school after the plague shut it down for a few years. While here, he came up with the foundations of differential and integral calculus, several years before its independent discovery by Leibniz.
The method of fluxions, as he called it, was based on his essential understanding that the integration of a function is simply the inverse procedure on separating it. Taking differentiation as the basic operation, Newton produced simple.

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