Issue on Child and Maternal Health Care

“ ‘Ang Ina’ relates two facets of maternal health : child health and single motherhood - Issue on Child and Maternal Health Care introduction. The glimpse into maternal and child care takes into consideration that there are social, political,economic, cultural and environmental factors that serve as barriers to raising healthy, positive children. Then, the story focuses on the trials of motherhood and single parenting. ” These were the exact lines written on the synopsis of the video- documentary. Truly, several factors are contributing to the multiple burdens of mothers when the issue of maternal health and child care is concerned.

As mentioned above, one of these factors is in the social aspect; mothers of today are at risks during child birth due to hemorrhage (the topmost cause of death among mothers) where uterus is not contracting firmly after delivery. In some cases, there is a retained blood clot inside the uterus which disallows a firm, tight contraction. Manually expressing the blood clot by squeezing the fundus will usually control bleeding from this source. Statistical study shows that 230 women for every 100,000 live births die because of this maternal occurence.

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Countless mothers are losing their lives in just a single glimpse without given the chance to fight. What made it more sorrowful is the fact that this sudden death would yield a great effect on the child’s development. It’s hard to live without a mother; no one would pamper you and comfort you in everyday living. After this social aspect enters the political and economic phases. This two are somewhat related because they tackle same issue of maternal and child resources. Unfortunately, child and maternal health care in the country is not the top priority project of the government.

There are lesser number of midwives, lesser facilities and expensive hospital bills that an ordinary man can hardly afford. The government keeps on building infrastructures, implementing laws trying to alleviate the economic status of the country yet the problem on health care is given less importance. More and more women are suffering and more and more children are neglected. More women today are experiencing inaccessibility to the resources which makes labor more difficult to handle.

Even the newborn screening which is one of the helpful tools that would aid mothers to detect mental ailment which may later developed in the child is very limited and insufficient. Ironically, health centers in remote areas are often not prioritized in giving the proper allocation of the technology where more cases of infantile mortality are being reported. The government today is more focused on the economic upheaval of the state but if we would view it beyond what is happening now, nothing much has really changed for us. The higher officials keep on imposing those laws that are heavy on words but poor on substance and vision.

We are rigidly doomed with crisis and this promise of change still remains a phantasm. The country is not going anywhere. “Health is Wealth” as they say, so how does this country of ours would achieve wealth if people here are too lame to perform the necessary obligations? Child and maternal health care and economic prosperity are correlated. When people in this country are sick, prosperity would remain a fantasy but if people are active and healthy enough to do the necessary actions, prosperity would be gained and achieved.

This two are equal entities just like corruption and peace and order in the country. They should be given equal importance to achieve the greater good. We can’t tell that the one who you dispossessed of his right to live is the one who would uplift this country from misery and solve the problem of this ill-fated economy. Aside from the government deprivation of child and maternal health care, cultural factors inhibit the same issue. Many regions in the country are practicing “indigenous” habits in such a way that these should be followed since these are part of their culture.

One example that elicit this belief are the women of Mountain Province, mothers are giving birth alone! In a practical sense, we may find it an exaggeration since it’s impoosible to do labor when you’re just alone but, this is being continually practiced in that particular region. This habit may entail danger between the persons involved because the utensils being used are not sterilized which may cause harmful microorganisms to penetrate the baby’s body and to the mother’s also and destroy the body’s system.

Bearing a baby alone for nine months is such a difficulty, how much more if a mother would perform the laboring all by herself. Sometimes, indigenous beliefs are better left aside to ensure the safety of other people, in this case, the child. Consequently, it’s not only the cultural habits that put the safety of the child and mother in a critical position but it is also due to some environmental contributions. Open any national news daily or any TV network channels and you will see ugly reports of killings, rapes, kidnappings, explosions, societal crisis, environmental problems, wars and many more.

The country is totally unsafe for mothers and children. It’s not anymore the desirable place a family would wish to live. With all these things present in a country, there’s no need for proper elaboration as to what would likely to happen to the mother and child. One can easily tell that the environment lacks the capacity to protect the mothers and children because the environment mismo presents this uncertainty. These just prove that the country is not exempted from the woes and demands of the society.

Another role being emphasized in the video- documentary is the role of the fathers. Fathers do not just exhibit the production work; doing livelihood activities to financially support the family but their presence is much appreciated and expected to give ample time and moral and emotional support to their wives and babies. If the wife after delivery cannot perform household chores, it’s the turn for the man to show his care and love; ha can be the counterpart of his wife until his partner can recover. It’s just a matter of commitment and responsibility paired with love and concern. =)

These 5 factors that hinder the family to raise a posotive and healthy children should be addressed and must be given proper attention. Eliminate those things that should be eliminated and improve those which offer benefits to the family. It may require a lot of hardwork but what’s more gratifying is that we can extend the lives of those innocent people who were just victims of the circumstances. Chapter 2: On the second chapter however, due to some technical problems, we were not able to view the entire film but, we started with the story of Ruby Tome, single mother with 2 children and pregnant with another man.

Nevertheless, I interpolated the story and assumed that the story would tackle how tough it is to be a single parent. Ruby, having a live-in partner with so many vices, unemployed and irresponsible had herself and childern abandon his former live-in partner. Of course, any person would do the same thing if he/she would be on Ruby’s shoes. What life he will give to the family if he did not even exert any effort to look for a living to meet the demands of his family. That’s why, at some point, I feel amused whenever I encounter stories of single parents.

Being a single parent is such a noble profession; you provide your family a better life even if you are just the one performing the obligations. What a satisfaction it will give if you will see your children succeed and achieve the life you’re hoping that they would acquire. Yet, there are some single parents who opted to look for another person to at least ease the burden of doing fatherly or motherly tasks, just like Ruby. But, sometimes, being careless and aggressive constitutes bad panorama. Indeed, the result of our life today is the product of our choices, whatever decisions we make play a vital role in oue everyday living. Monica” “Monica tells the problems of Julie and her family and how they toil through issues of rape and abortion. Julie’s sister, Mariz, was allegedly raped by her stepfather, and is now with the child. The troubles that the family faces in light of these events push them to consider the choices of abortion. But, there is more than meets the eye in this story, and when it comes to the time that they will finally have to confront the decision whether to keep the baby or not, truths are revealed that will forever change Julie and her family. ”

The short film has a lot of suspense and thrill to offer. The audience can hardly grasp to whoever is the real victim. At first, one can say that it’s Mariz since she is claiming and standing about it, but in the later part, one would just be surprised on how the situation evolved from an alleged accusation. The story of Julie and her family manifested the gender bias of violence against women. Julie is a minor and what his stepfather had done, traumatized her. Children are often vulnerable to sexual abuse because of their age, size and innocence.

Having sexually-molested in such an early age entails a big problem to the victim. When a child or youth is molested, she/he learns that adults cannot be trusted for care and protection: well-being is disregarded, and there is a lack of support and protection. These lead to grief, depression, extreme dependency, inability to judge trustworthiness in others, mistrust, anger and hostility. And as if all that isn’t enough, children’s bodies often respond to the sexual abuse, bringing on shame and guilt.

On the other hand, pertaining to the issue of abortion, what her mother opted to do is immoral; abortion is obviously not an option. It constitutes a lot of problems that destroys the child’s psyche whether biologically, mentally and socially. Biologically in the sense that it does not only causes cancer, bowel and bladder injuries but it also affects your pregnancy in the future; the next baby is more likely to be born prematurely with all the dangerous and costly problems that entails, low birth weight, and likely to die in the first few months of life.

Mentally on the part that women have greater risk of suffering emotional and psychological problems which may interfere with their ability to concentrate, make decisions, and interact with others, thereby reducing their level of job skills and employment opportunities. And socially because, people tend to judge you immediately and since abortion is prohibited in this country, being an outcast is where you go. Abortion does not free women. It simply enslaves them in a new way. Also, I always keep on wondering why men rape. Is it to satisfy their sexual desire or is it to prove that they can overpower anything weak?

According to some expert psychologists, they define rape as a form of assault where one individual forces another to have sexual intercourse against that person’s will. Most experts believe, however that the primary cause of rape is an aggressive desire to dominate the victim rather than an attempt to achieve sexual fulfillment. They consider rape an act of violence rather than principally a sexual encounter. But, for me, whatever reasons they are presenting about why men rape, I believe it is still a form of sexual aggression that abuse women. Men are using their power to overtake women.

Rape at some point is not sex, its power. Men rape because they believe they have the right to control and to punish women who do not obey their rules of behavior. I just cannot help on wondering why there are also some women who easily gave in; it may seem they find it as a source of pleasure. They should be fighting for their rights and not just remain silent, I know we are created by God with equal prowess, so women have the right to save her life and uplift her rights. Women have the right to defend her life against violence. Do not let men surpass your weakness. Let’s be empowered beyond difference.

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