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IT Technical Support Assignment

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TASK 1In the last two centuries, the computers have been involved in almost everyone’s job. These machines have taken over more than half of the work in the world. It was known from the beginning that when using a computer in all the varieties of work, the users will encounter many problems, therefore a new role was born, the role of a technician.Tools
The role of the IT technician is to support the user through their work, making the users problems theirs.

Those, the technicians, solving the problems is for and advising the users is their biggest task. To do this, the IT technicians need certain tools to configure and monitor the computer systems.
There are two types of tools a technician can use:
Diagnostic tools
Diagnostic tools are tools that look for symptoms and signs to detect an error or its cause. These tools are used by the technician to find a problem in the computer systems. Here are few of themWindows Memory diagnosticWindows memory diagnostic allows the user or the technician to order the computer system to run series of tests on the memory (Virtual memory or RAM).

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IT Technical Support Assignment
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One of the sign of memory problems is when a computer randomly crashes. This tool might automatically detect this problem and advice you to schedule a test.
When using this tool, the computer has to restart. The tests takes place before the Operating system is loaded. After the test the computer will restart and show you the results in the operating systems.Disk CleanupWhen the user visits the internet, the windows receives and store files in the systems that are less likely to ever be used again. Or when an application creates temporary files. This tool is created to deal with the extra files that fill up your storage. After doing this your disk will have more space for other things to be stored instead. Disk DefragmenterWhen files are put into the memory, they are assigned on certain positions. Now when these files are removed, they…

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