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Its Germanys Fault?!

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It’s Germany’s Fault?!World War I commenced from many significant events. Murder, militarism, alliances, nationalism, imperialism, predictions, and plans were all key factors in the start of WWI. All of the European countries involved in alliances each had a part to contribute to who-to-blame for beginning the war. War was unavoidable with the way each country was acting based on pre-judgments and precautions. Germany is the country that gets the most blame for starting the Great War for many reasons.

A lot of contradiction occurs on the issue of blame but when you really bring all the factors together, the Central Powers and Allies during WWI made equal if not lesser contributions.

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Its Germanys Fault?!
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WWI started because of control and power urges. Germany and Britain, as well as the rest of the European countries, were in a competition of navy and army populations, colonialism, and power. WWI also initiated from the murder of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, on a visit to Sarajevo by Serbian nationalist, Gavilo Princip.

This caused Germany to react and send a blank check to Austria, stating it was okay to move against Serbia. An ultimatum given to Serbia was difficult to accept so Serbia rejected, therefore, war between Austria and Serbia began. Because Germany was allies with Austria, it also got involved with the argument and saw the war as an opportunity to initiate war on their European enemies. This could be reason #1 to blame the country of Germany for the Great War.

Feeling threatened by war around them, many countries included in the Central Powers and Allies developed plans based on military skills, predictions, and knowledge of territory and landscapes around the country. For example, France developed Plan 17 in which they decided to charge into Germany unexpected, force them to surrender, and come back home. Britain depended on the British Expeditionary Force, which was having about 150,000 professional soldiers armed and ready to go when France called. Another plan was the Schlieffen Plan, created by the Germans, consisting of going through Belgium to surround Paris and defeat France there while still guarding Alsace-Lorraine and defeat France in time to make it back to the Eastern Front and ready to fight Russia. All these plans failed because they mostly were based on “what if” knowledge and predictions- nothing was a justification. Germany constructed its plan even before the first war-attack had been made, leaving other countries suspicious, aware, and ready to fight with a plan of their own. Germany’s greed would be reason #2 for the cause of WWI.

Germany’s plans backfired and soon, it was alone fighting four countries: Britain, France, Russia, and the United States. The U.S. had started out as neutral in WWI but a telegram from Germany caused the America’s patience to burst. The Zimmerman Telegram, sent from Germany to Mexico, asked Mexico for support in the war by helping Germany fight the U.S. in return for capturing the New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas land back for Mexico. Germany surrendered to the Alliances on November 11, 1918 at 11am; and the Paris Peace conference began. From the Paris Peace conference originated the Treaty of Versailles. In the Treaty of Versailles, besides Wilson’s Fourteen Points, Germany was said to be the cause for commencing WWI and held responsible for reparations. Reason #3 for blaming Germany is the country’s course of action while in war.

Germany has a lot to be guilty for, yes. Although if other countries had been in the same situation, they would have done the same thing or something similar to the action(s) that Germany took. Alliances formed out of fear of one another. Countries went against each other for fear of one being more powerful than the other and being controlled. Germany did start World War I. Arguments from other countries are what triggered this country to get-a-move-on, though. If not Germany, then Britain would have probably declared war on Germany for trying to compete with the development of a navy and army and Britain would have been to blame. I agree with the designers of the Treaty of Versailles in blaming Germany to the extent that they did begin a war, but not with the ideas of declaring “revenge” by making the country pay money, give up colonies and land. Britain, Russia, the United States, France, Italy, and Austria all had their major contributions in beginning war. The Treaty of Versailles did not consider all perspectives or aspects of the war, but instead focused on pointing-fingers.

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