Jane Eyre/ Wide Sargasso Sea Essay

Jane Eyre/ Wide Sargasso Sea

            Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea both showcase interesting stories that attracts readers - Jane Eyre/ Wide Sargasso Sea Essay introduction. It provides a fitting yet succulent glance of the underlying precepts behind the length of the novel. It is important to discern and contemplate on the behaviors of the characters and the social setting tat molded them to who at what they are.

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Jane Eyre/ Wide Sargasso Sea
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Similarities and Differences of Jane Eyre and Antoinette

Both character of Jane Eyre and Antoinette posses the same characteristic of madness. It is illustrated to some degree in the former character’s attempt to achieve the kind of life that they have always dreamt of. They both struggle to find contentment and solace.  Jane Eyre manages to hold on to her integrity throughout the novel until she finds herself entrapped in a difficult situation being a mistress to Mr. Rochester. On the other hand Antoinette experienced an entrapment on her marriage life because the culture and custom of her and Mr. Rochester is indeed a mismatch.

The childhood of Jane Eyre and Antoinette is also similar to each other. Jane grew up with trust in God and a strong commitment to dignity, principle and justice while Antoinette on the other hand grows up in a convent who wishes to achieve a peaceful yet challenging life outside. What is contrasting about the characters is the social backgrounds that they possess. Jane grew up with an English background while Antoinette is of Creole origin. This distinction provides deeper understanding for readers that the societal situation is really different from each other. There are instances that ideas of the two characters are interfering because they posses different reactions towards the happening in their environment.

The difference in the attitude of the two novel’s protagonists implies that people from opposite sides of the world to have a form of yearning to what is beyond their immediate senses, especially to regions that speak of nothing that is instantaneously present in their locality. This distinction in perception further emphasizes the notion that people do get bored and get dulled by the constancy of what they see and feel around them, that at some point in time these people will literary cross borders just to get to the other side. Jane Eyre did, and Antoinette is yet on the verge of beginning to explore that part of the world although at the end of the novel death stood against her way of achieving it.

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