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Japanese vs American Cars

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People think that American products are the best, in the entire world. But this is false thought. Cars are one of these products. Based on opinion of the experts in cars manufacturing and feedbacks of cars’ drivers, Japanese cars are better than American cars in many features. To illustrate this preference. A comparison between Japanese and American cars will be mentioned in this report, based on the attraction, reliability, and economy features.
Exterior and interior features of cars, attract people from the first sight.

Japanese cars have sport look and streamlined shapes therefore they are smooth and quiet on roads. The interior of Japanese cars rewrites the rules about luxury. They have great design, comforted seats, and modern audio system. While American cars have ugly look and cubed shapes, so they are rigid and terrible on roads. Their interior have so old fashion design, uncomforted seats and old cassette recorder.
People concern about safety and performance of cars. Japanese cars have a lot of safety aspects such as airbags and anti-skid braking system.

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Japanese vs American Cars
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Also Japanese cars are well developed. They have high technology engine and parts, so they have high performance. While American cars have low safety systems. They are less developed. They have old technology engine and parts therefore they have low performance.
The world faces economic crisis, so owning an economic car is the demand for all people. Japanese cars are economic. The have good fuel economy. They are cheap cars. Such as Yaris and Corolla. They have good quality parts, so their life span are long. Whereas American cars are less economic. They have bad fuel economy. They cost a lot of money and they are expensive. Such as Caprice and Dodge Charger. They have low quality parts therefore their life span are short.
The advice for any person, who is planning to buy a new car, is to choose one of the Japanese cars. Because Japanese cars provide full luxury, up to date.

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Japanese vs American Cars. (2018, Aug 12). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/japanese-vs-american-cars/

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